Explorer broken?

Seems to be stuck at height 3141141

Known issue?

Thanks for the report, this is a known issue. The Daemon that backs the explorer had some issues during a server upgrade. It’s currently catching up with the latest blocks. I hope to have it back and functioning properly later today.

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The explorer is back up and functional. The database caching was broken in a very non-obvious way which only became apparent when the nu Daemon had caught up and the explorer started trying to save new blocks. It took a bit of head scratching and local debugging to figure out the root cause but it’s happier now. I have some ideas to make it more robust which I’ll implement in the coming days.
Apologies for the delay in getting it back in sync with the Blockchain.

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Something odd still going on.

My most recent burn is txid 0de9d182db069f4d21caa6d254a6d9942564ff07b7a0aa861453fca5eb40b0cf

Previously these would show up with the amount of burn as input but now they don’t appear to. Looking at the advanced details does show the amount burned.

It should be better now. I’ve altered the architecture a little in the back end so that it is faster and more reliable.
I switched from using an asynchronous “at-most-once” message delivery model to using a proper “at-least-once” message queue.
This explorer performs independent validation on each block to ensure the data is correct. With the previous model this generally worked but when the explorer was under load (catching up with lots of blocks for example) the asynchronous messages that performed the validation weren’t always guaranteed to be received and actioned.
With the new model, the messages are persisted (even across reboots) which means that if a block or transaction needs to be validated or repaired, it will be. This gives much more confidence in the data held by the explorer.
If you see a block or transaction with a red border it means that it has failed the validation. The explorer will re-fetch the data from the Nu daemon and fix the data it holds. This did happen with the previous model too but there was no guarantee that the repair would be successful, especially when under load.

I have some more improvements to make to the explorer so that Addreses are shown in more detail and some other speed improvements. I’d hoped to get these all done for this new release but seeing how the existing code was struggling to catch up with the block chain, I decided to just do these changes for now.