Exco.in is offline?

Howdy, everyone. Could anyone tell me the reason, why exco.in is offline last days? Do they have any technical problems (as i know, 5xx errors are server-type), or what else?

Homepage works for me and just successfully logged in. Maybe a glitch.

They’ve been working on some upgrades the past couple of days, so maybe it’s related to that. @Excoin may be able to directly assist you.

Since yesterday they have been under DDoS, you can follow the updates on twitter . They are working hard to restructure the infrastructure.

I apologize for not posting here sooner, I have been working very long hours trying to keep the front end servers online.

Roughly two days ago now we received an extortion letter threatening to DDOS us if we did not pay a ransom. We refused and within hours the attack commenced. This same extortionist has attacked several other Bitcoin exchanges in recent months and now has a 100 BTC bounty for information leading to their capture. You can read more about it here: bit.ly/1qBpaA9

We tried several things including enabling cloudflare, unfortunately cloudflare only recognized about 33% of the traffic as bad and our routers were overwhelmed. We have since restructured our front end servers, we are still in the process of building out new live API servers but now we are back online. You will be able to withdraw and trade again but live updates will be intermittent until we rebuild that part of the front end.

If you have any concerns feel free to contact our support staff at support@exco.in

Rest assured that this has no affect on our servers beyond making them inaccessible.


Update: The attacks started again about 30 minutes ago but for the first time it did not completely disable our site. We were able to recover and remain online with a short period of slowness. We will remain vigilant to ensure we maintain this stability.

We really appreciate the supportive comments we received from the community.