Exco.in has opened a market for trading BTC/NSR

Excoin (https://exco.in) is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange.

We only select coins to trade that we feel have made a large impact in the overall cryptocurrency community. You can read more about our process at Blackwave Labs (https://blackwavelabs.com)

Excoin Features

  1. Continuous proof of reserves and proven personal cryptocurrency holdings. (https://exco.in/reserves)
  2. Full Featured API, ability to generate multiple API keys with different permissions. (https://exco.in/api)
  3. Asynchronous trading engine.
  4. Real-time UI on our web client.
  5. Instant deposits and withdrawals, you will get notification regarding deposits at 0 confirmations.
  6. Full Chinese localization and Mandarin support staff.
  7. Support responds to all inquires within 24 hours.

We recently added a BTC/NSR exchange.

We are ready to add a NBT exchange soon but we would like to give the community time to setup bots around our API.

Twitter @ ExcoinExchange (https://twitter.com/ExcoinExchange)
IRC @ #excoin on Freenode


Hi Excoin. Are you also interested in adding NuBits? That’s our head product, most traded probably.

If you do, we need to work on a NuBot adapter to your API, and can bring good liquidity.

in https://blackwavelabs.com/ there is no mention to Nu =)

well done , interesting to growing exchange support!

Hello Desrever,

We have NuBits setup, it just hasn’t been turned on yet. We were waiting to hear back from the developers. We sent them an email asking them if they would want us to wait until they could setup a bot to maintain the peg before opening a NBT market.

We think NBT project is a very interesting, we have been following it for a while. Our only reservation has been the lack of open source code. We decided to make an exception, hoping shareholders will decide to release the source.

The Blackwave Labs page is an announcement we made when we left open beta. We will be continually updating it with our development progress. We will certainly be mentioning NuBits in our future messages.

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Oh, sorry if there were delay in emails, was a holiday week in some part of the world. As NuBot maintainer, I would like to see the NBT/BTC opening in sync with bot support. I will include it in 0.1.5 release , it will probably take one to two weeks max.

@woolly_sammoth here we go, something funny to build!

This is also interesting for prospect custodians proposal : a new market opens! =)

We are commited to open source release and there is a draft being discussed these days :

Hi @Excoin. We saw your email. Sorry for not replying in a timely manner. In addition to the holiday many of us were traveling. I think @desrever has pointed you in the right direction. Thank your for supporting the Nu project.

Hi @Excoin, thanks for the interest in Nu and thanks also for allows us some time to put an Api wrapper together before going live with the NuBits exchange.
I’ve just registered and activated my api keys on my mobile. That is a good looking exchange you have there! Very nice experience.

@desrever, you’re right, this one is going to be fun. I like sending the hmac hash in the headers rather than as a post parameter. It feels proper somehow.

@Excoin Please send a high-def version of your exchange logo to info@nubits.com. I’ll publish it on www.nubits.com/exchanges soon after.

It looks like you have a professional website running, good luck with your operations. We’re happy to support you in any way you need. I’ve followed @ExcoinExchange, you can follow us back at @OfficialNuBits ( www.twitter.com/OfficialNuBits )

@woolly_sammoth Thank you for trying out the exchange, we are very happy to hear you like the design. The real work went into the trading engine and wallet management, our focus when designing it was on transparency and security.

@tomjoad Excellent, I will send over a copy. Thank you, I will have our social media manager add you back. I look forward to participating in this innovative community.

The concept of allowing users to take their value in a form of a stable currency pegged to the dollar off our exchange and put it safely in a personal wallet when prices of cryptocurrency decrease is very appealing to us. We are very excited about Nu, and we look forward to seeing it develop over time.


So far everything has been going well, there has been decent volume. It would be nice to have a bit more liquidity (more NSR available to trade) but I imagine that will come when NBT are also available.

Thanks to everyone who gave our platform a try so far.

If anyone has more NuShares to sell, we would appreciate the liquidity. I’m personally interested in buying more myself. Others have expressed interest as well.

Great job with your website! It’s very responsive and pleasant to use.

@Excoin Liking your innovative features. You should contact coinmarketcap.com to get your exchange listed as a market for Nushares / any of your other cryptocurrencies.

Glad to see that exco.in made it to r/Bitcoin homepage, congrats .

I invite the community to upvote the post

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@pennybreaker Thank you, we are very happy to hear. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact support.

@beachlurker We have contacted coinmarketcap.com by twitter and email and have yet get a response. Exco.in is listed on their site for a few markets but our NSR market has not yet been added to the volume calculations yet unfortunately.

@desrever Thank you for sharing that, the post went very well. A lot of new users joined, and we got a lot of great feedback from the community.

We are really excited about adding NBT to our exchange, we look forward to updates regarding the changes to NuBot to make it compatible with our exchange. Once that is complete we will roll out a big announcement regarding our new NSR/NBT exchanges.

We really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to try out our exchange. Today is our tenth day after our launch and today we broke 12 BTC 24H Volume and a large part of that was from our new BTC/NSR Market.

If you haven’t yet we encourage you to at least create an account and look around.

Just a quick update:
Excoin NSR exchange is now being used for the reported volume on coinmarketcap.com


Thank you for getting Excoin listed on CMC. That assets page in particular is a primary driver of new users for us according to our Google analytics, so the more volume we can display, the better.

I love the notifications of confirmations popups!

@Excoin, would you be open to adding an NSR/PPC trading pair at some point in the near future? I looked through your previous comments but did not see this addressed anywhere, but if you’ve already stated a position, sorry for the duplicate question.

@tomjoad We feel the same way about people acknowledging coins by volume, that is why I had support message them using every possible avenue to add it :slight_smile:

@ben I apologize if I overlooked this question, I talked with Xian the other lead on the project and we are open to the idea of NSR/PPC exchange in the future. Right now we don’t have much volume on any of our PPC markets but we are hoping this will pick up soon.

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