Exchange your NuBits to Bitcoin instantly with CCPAYT.COM!

For your information as this was also posted in the Peercoin forum. I thought some of you might be interested as well.
Also thought it was appropriate to add a merchant category so new services and merchants of interest for NuBits community can be discussed and advertised here. is an incredibly interesting platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and novice users alike. CCPAYT stands for Crypto Coins Payment Terminal, but rather than being a physical device you would use to pay for shopping, this is an online service.

You can find further details about this new service here:

I’ve tried this just a few minutes ago…

  1. The software did not recognize I did not send any funds to the provided address as I’ve entered my e-mail, and told me my transaction has been a success (which it hasn’t).

  2. Transactions are not instant (“within 3 hours”)

  3. Your exchanged bitcoins are transfered to a online gambling site. Please think of that what you will, but I’m extremly uncomfortable with this, as it smells like some kind of money laundering process. I’ve checked the site and they don’t even state an registered office.

  4. Exchange rate: 1 FunCasino-BTC = 325.765545 NBT. At the time of writing 1 BTC was 354.45 USD (~NBT)

  5. This exchange rate is supposed to be enhanced by a “Bonus” which I did not see during the process. I also did not find anything about the amount this bonus would come in.

Conclusion: I would not recommend using it for now.

hey Willy,

Would like to comment on your try on ccpayt.

  1. I guess text need adjusted, as you are right one could asume that amount is confirmed by initial information, if you take it all the way through you will however be told to send to a specific adress. 2. As I know, you did not send ny nubits, so I am not sure how u can say transaction is 3 hours, as you did not receive any btc, am I right?
  2. I understand your concern, since it is not registered anywhere, it is however, based on bitcoins and not any fiat, and is therefore not obliged to register. Other gambling sites will follow soon, and feel free to try them instead, CCEDK will also be using CCPAYT hopefully in coming weekf ro final implementation, and offered as a special service to all our users.
    In regards to exchange rate: 1 Funcasino-BTC = 325 Nbt, would you not like to have 1 BTC for the price of 325 Nubits? It seems to me that there is an obvious bonus achieved when receving 1 btc at this price, rather than paying the normal 354 USD. I hope you see the diffrence?

So bascially what you get is more value BTC for less amount of NBT. The bonus is included in the BTC amount you receive.

I would like to point out that just because something is presented in anonymous way, does not immediately imply money laundering, otherwise I guess the majority of all digital currencies should be considered to have been made only for this purpose!! Also, I think most people know that it is not the easiest thing in the world to operate casino with licenses etc, so when it is possible without in todays climate, then why should people pay lots of money when others dont? That does not per say make them illegal, but just working within legal area.

Lastly, I would just say this is meant for the people wishing to enjoy the world of games inside the gambling area, next week all users can benefit from this tool, however, maybe not in same way with bonus as from fun-casino, but definitely same easy and instant way if exchange, and buy instant it means also that you dont have to put it only any exchange to wait for any buy or sell orders.

This is stated on your site. I was not willing to test this out with real coins.

I do not doubt that this is a better price, but I thought there would be a bonus that would be subtracted from the initial rate. I was looking for this on the site. Maybe I was just confused.

Careful. Online gambling (even for users, not just the people running it) is illegal in a whole lot of countries.
Transfering money to an online casino is also something which arouses suspicion in general and could trigger investigations, as many of those anonymous services are pivot to money loundering and tax evasion.

I will keep look on your upcoming partners, as I’m curious who that could be.

Thanks Willy, I hear you on all counts, appreciate your comments and help.

I’m curious to see how this project develops as more services are added, I’ll keep an eye on the progress, great to see CCEDK’s continuous efforts and a proactive approach to crypto business.