Exchange API, withdraw and trade speed

Currently the problem with selling bitcoins is that you must actually hold them to sell them. I don’t like holding bitcoins for selling due to risk from volatility but I would like to sell them for fiat money as a business.

The problem with conventional exchanges is that they don’t send the coins immediately and they don’t allow me to define the number of coins to be sent. However, my hypothetical customers would like to receive the coins immediately after making the purchase. So far the solution has been having a hot wallet full of coins to be sent immediately after a customer purchases them and at the same time a trading bot would buy the same amount of coins on a conventional exchange.

My question is — will B&C Exchange have an API and can it be used in a way that I could withdraw bitcoins from the B&C Exchange by an exact amount? How fast would B&C Exchange be able to actually make the transaction?

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Yes. The API will take the form of RPCs to the B&C Exchange client. You will interact programmatically with B&C Exchange in the same way you interact with a full Bitcoin client or a Nu client.


It will take a matter of seconds. The signed withdrawal request must be broadcast and received by the relevant reputed signers. They will then sequentially sign and broadcast your Bitcoin transaction, transferring them from your multisig deposit address to your chosen Bitcoin withdrawal address.