Estimating the total number of NBT traded this year

How many NuBits do you think changed hands this first year?

I asked myself this question yesterday, as we approach our birthday …

EDIT: hitted “post” to early : here is a rough estimation :

Between 50 and 60 millions NBT changed hands last year

Last year in November I started recording market data from coinmarketcap every 8 hours (here they are) . To estimate the total number of NuBits traded , I had to make the cumulative sum of every other four snapshots of the 24h volume. The result is 40’225’209 $ , and it doesn’t include data from september, october, and most of november 2014, where we 've seen some incredibly high volumes, sometimes as high as 2 MIL/day (I remember those days as I was sweating 24/7 as the two-months old NuBot was handling it all ;D) .

Can you come up with a better estimate ?

What do you think of the result? I would like to compare it with CoinoUSD, tether et al, so we can have a real banana for scale.

Assuming an average TX fee of 0.2%, we can estimate the revenue NuBits trading generated for exchanges .

Accordingly, exchanges made between 200’000 $ and 240’000 $ in one year with NuBits …

Enough to pay a decent salary for 3-9 devs, depending on specific ranges.

Do what you want with these numbers, and treat them as they really are : estimations.

B&S looking good.

EDIT2 : Wait a sec, I should have consider every other 4 values to avoid overlapping , re-computing it now .

EDIT3 : fixed


Interesting statistics – How would B&S compare, I wonder…

excellent promotional stuff! :wink: