Error related to datafeed

I get

“errors” : “Invalid vote object”

in the output of nud getinfo . I am subscribing @cryptog’s datafeed. Is this error caused by a syntax error in the json feed?

My minter hasn’t found any blocks in the last 6 hours. If it is confirmed to be caused by the error in the feed, this could be an attack angle to the network.

edit: I suspect the trouble is in the new “fees:” which is not valid to existing baseline clients.

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It could be caused by the fact that I generated my feeds with v2.0.0-Test1-beta.
I am sorry for the inconvenience.
I have reverted my latest change just in case for the time being.
Did the error vanish?

EDIT: I will soon produce a correct feed without the fees part.

Error is gone on my laptop.

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Does this also mean you running 2.0 on the main Nu network?

No, I am not.
I just generated my feeds with v 2.0.