[Edit: Delisting rumor, false]

I just heard a rumor on reddit that NBT is getting delisted next week from Bittrex for the same reason they were delisted from cryptopia, poloniex, and hitbc and because TUSD competition. I have over half my account in NBT right now and I’m getting really nervous.

The mods are being helpful but nobody is saying that the peg will return. If it doesn’t return soon I can understand why Bittrex would delist it.

Poloniex Delist

HitBTC delist

This seems reasonable. I’m down quite a bit on NBT investment too. I thought we had a good thing to hedge without doing tether…

Just debunking a rumor. Here is the list of coins they delist this month. Nubits is not one of them.

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Lack of interest? $30M volume just two days ago! Fake