E47 2015-01-13 - Bytemaster about Nubits [audio tape]

I’m not sure what’s the purpose of this audio tape.

He’s reading an article which is now over half a year old and Nu changed significantly within this time.
It’s not clear to me why someone would pick that article up again with zero reflection that it might be vastly outdated.

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The title says the video was released back in January. It was only recently published on their YouTube though. I don’t like that they seem to be pushing false info like this, especially when our system has already changed. Are they just not paying attention, or are they deliberately trying to mislead people?

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Mh. And here I thought this was the day, the article was published.
I can’t find the article on the blog any more, but I guess it’s a waste of time anyhow.

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The original blog post permalink is kind of lost on their new blog: https://bitshares.org/blog/
Also interestingly enough, it appears like they have audio-converted specifically their nubits post:
Everything else is hangout talk audios.
There’s even one with Chronos:)
E72 2015-04-03 Delegate Hangout with Chronos about his Video service

I believe the opening post’s recording was produced through a project to audio-convert Bytemaster’s blog posts in general. See this discussion about which posts to convert:
Topic: Your Favorite ByteMaster Blog Posts?

There was a sizeable amount of controversy and push-back from the community when the Nubits-attacking post was originally published. It was generally regarded as too harsh. See the discussion here: NuBits is structured like a Ponzi Scheme [BLOG POST]

I don’t know if Bytemaster’s views on NuBits have changed since January, but that doesn’t mean they match the views of the larger community.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion. I like both blockchains! :slight_smile:

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