[Draft] Media Training for Esko

Since I am the most active public person acting on behalf of NuBits, I should know how to act and represent NuBits in relations with media. It’s conceivable that once NuBits begins to see the developments I aim to set in motion and the recognition due for its design, we’ll have more publicity and media inquiries.

In one motion I propose that NuBits employ a professional marketing and consulting firm, and I condone a focused marketing effort in another. I remain confident that both are in NuBits’ and its shareholders’ interests. Nevertheless, I find it might be prudent to properly prepare myself and by extension the NuBits team for public communication.

By working closely with NuBits I have developed understanding for its operations, mechanisms, and needs. I consider my position reasonable for a progression into representing NuBits for the world, and I will likely have to in some manner regardless.

I’m willing to take training if shareholders consider it valuable to have a person involved with competence to speak directly or indirectly with media outlets.

There is a firm in London specialized in media training called Flame PR. They are within reach for travel and could serve us well. Costs include travel, basic accommodation, and the training itself. Specifics to be determined.

It’s not an obvious decision, though certainly worth considering.

Media training is one of our unique specialities, we are able to deliver on this due to our founder: award winning BBC broadcast journalist Kully Dhadda. Kully was in front of the camera and on the radio for many years as well as being a business and economics editor. Not only does she have a deep understanding of how to influence the news room agenda, she is also one of the best in preparing individuals who are going in front of the camera.

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I support this in principle as I believe it is important to have ‘a face’ for Nu.
Not sure if it is the best money spend looking at priorities and the reserve levels. Also the combination of marketing and someone deeply involved in the core business, liquidity operations, might not be the best. But I can’t see other options working better in the short term at least given the size of the team.

I can’t comment on the type of training provided by the London based firm but I assume you have some good recommendations besides just their website. Are you able to provide us a cost indication of the whole package?

That draft is interesting.
That would mean Nu, as a DAC or DAO is also investing in employees, like a normal corporation would do for selected employees.
Tks @jooize for suggesting it.
Flame PR looks like a decent firm.
About how much you would estimate the cost of your training ?
I agree.
I always said that one of the biggest drawbacks of Nu was the lack of public figures.

I agree. But what is your real name? :slight_smile:
Any linkedin profile? I think it is needed if you want to be the public face of Nu.
I think we need more public professionals if we want to get Nu to the next level. That draft is in this direction. So I appreciate it.

I support this draft, in substance.