[Draft] Grant proposal to pay for my NuBits.com website work (20 hours total)

Since I really haven’t heard back from @jooize or anyone regarding continuing to work on the website I figured I’d propose as a grant. I personally would like to see all contractor payments approved & issued in this way rather than privately with no oversight so I figured I’d lead by example?

In reference: I’ve done 9 hours so far on the website in 2 github pull requests one of which is still awaiting commit approval. I started with updating the exchange links removing old and adding new (logos etc too), updated dead footer links (exchanges & block explorer) & began updating FAQ’s and any documentation accessible via the nubits.com repository. I’ve also moved the client downloads to direct links via the nubits.com github repository so that we are not relying on JordanLee’s bitbucket repository (this is still pending commit review). I plan to continue updating all information & links for accuracy as well as removing dead content like videos and other unavailable content. Most of my work is verifiable via my github fork as I commit/push often as I work. However, if this grant is approved I will use TopTracker (a time-tracking desktop app commonly used by freelancers) to track the remaining 11 hours of my work and upload the detailed report summary pdf file for review via my github repository,

Proposal hosted here RIPEMD160 hash: 66e9eb356ae5d89d2a37381d4c5e4a016c5c772a

Proposal to grant 300 US-NBT to myself for website work at the rate of 15 US-NBT per hour for a total of 20 hours. I’ve already completed 9 of these hours.
Added Requirements: Remaining 11 workable hours are to be completed within 30 days of grant approval + Remaining work will be tracked via TopTracker app with the detailed report uploaded to github.com/proteanx/nunetwork/ repository.

Summary -

Total Hours Billed (Combined Total): 20 Hours (@15NBT/hr)

  • Existing Hours (already completed): 9 Hours
    = Remaining Hours (to be completed): 11 Hours

Custodial Address: BCvimkwHyiHPvTiSV1jD9DCeXRMZs5eAcc
Amount Requested: 300 NBT

Discuss: Do any shareholders have any suggestions or requirements they’d have before voting in approval? (Please only join the discussion if you’re a voting/minting owner of NuShares)

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I’m fine to support this, however I prefer to have all the work defined in advance.
The website needed some updates and these appear to have happened.

Are you serious?
Tens of thousands of USD have been paid to unknown contractors for unknown work in the last two months alone, but you are about to start bargaining over $150?


Could you start a list to define what you and other shareholders would like completed? I defined in my original post -

I plan to continue updating all information & links for accuracy as well as removing dead content like videos and other unavailable content.

Which there are a lot of these basic updates left to do. Especially if there isn’t a return to the PPC dividend system. All of that info needs to go & BuyBack information needs to be introduced etc…

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I just posted my position for new work as I have done in the last 2 years when grants are being proposed. If you have been following things it has been pretty consistent. I do not have majority shareholding neither I control one so decision are being or have been made which I not always support.[quote=“Proteus, post:4, topic:5306”]
I plan to continue updating all information & links for accuracy as well as removing dead content like videos and other unavailable content.
The definition sounds fine to me. Just add a number of hours you anticipate to work and a timeframe so we can fund that and it is clear what and when we get for it.


I specified 11 hours. I will make that more clear and add that the additional 11 hours be completed within 30 days after grant approval (most likely sooner but 30 days is a comfortable deadline).

I promised to get back to you today.

Unfortunately, I’m not impressed by the commits. There are added inconsistencies in terminology, capitalization, and many typos. The first pull request was good, but I’m not sure the second one is a net improvement. There is even a smiley face on one page, which does not look professional.

I haven’t seen an attempt at improving the structure of our website and its menu which I suggested, though you mentioned mockups I have yet to see.

Those were merged two days ago.

Overall, I find that you haven’t gained sufficient understanding to perform the sort of changes you push. I’m not trying to be an ass, only direct. I’ve been nothing but optimistic about your excited involvement.

We need to have a talk about payment unless you prefer to take it with shareholders. I must leave now.

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Just submitted 2 new pull requests for review (big ones) @jooize & @woolly_sammoth (or anyone with authority to do so)