[Draft] 60 day moratorium on NuShare sales

With the NuShare price at 0.0006, it may be best to admit we are not in a position to raise funds with NSR right now.

Perhaps the community and the NSR price could get back on its feet if we said we weren’t going to add any NSR to the market for 60 days. It might stop the downward pressure on NSR while we pivot and bring consensus to a new strategy.

The main risk of such an action is that the network will be seen as not supporting NuBits. We have to make clear that we are supporting NuBits, but right now a retreat might be appropriate so we can fight another day.


Hi @tomjoad. :slight_smile:

I advise everyone to not follow this proposal. The market always acts with providence and will therefore price NSR the same way regardless of temporary solutions like the one outlined by @tungsten.

At this point, there are only 2 real concerns for the survival of Nu.

  1. PoS Security.
  2. The NBT Peg.

If I were worried that the dilutions to save 2 would come at the cost of 1, I would be for a motion like this. As is, I do not fear the NSR distribution that these market sales are creating. From what I’ve seen, most NSR sold by Nu recently has been to what appears to be more than one party, and thus are actually good for network security.


While I’m glad others see the futility of NSR sales as means of NBT peg security, this is the only account I post on. No alternate forum identities for me!

Well, then just take the “hi” to mean, hello, come over here, someone who has similar opinions is writing over here!

I must admit that, at first, I did think it was you. My bad.

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