Dividends. How and when is best to pay them

I want to bring this conversation on the forum.

We should discuss pro and cons of all the possible approach to dividend distribution .

  • distribute to holders at the time of custodial grant
  • distribute to holders at the time of dividend paying
  • scheduled distribution
  • continuous distribution
  • others.

This can add up value to the conversation : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ex-dividend_date

I’m sure that both @Chronos and @Ben already have something to say .

After discussion with @Chronos, I see that in most cases, it’s logical that dividends be executed and distributed in relative real-time (rather than back-dating to include the state of the block chain at some point in the past). In particular, it provides incentives for shareholders to continue to hold shares, rather than to strategically purchase shares to maximize their holdings right before a dividend distribution list is set to be generated, and then to sell them immediately after.

I still believe the ability to back-date is useful, beyond the use of ex-dividend dating. I don’t have a specific example of a scenario that I can see happening in the near future that I can pull off the top of my head, but the general idea being that an “unplanned” dividend (i.e. non-gameable) could be issued as a form of compensation to those that held shares on a particular date.