Distributed NuShares options for custodian idea

i have this idea for nubits dev’s to make Nsr more i attractive to nushareholder how about having a option to distributed NSR coin in the wallet version Share/distributed dividends/ Number of peercoins to distributed to shareholder but have a extra option to distributed Nsr as well like every two distribution of ppcs 1 distribution of nsr or whatever is voted by shareholders this will do two things for nushareholders one the custodian will get a grant if voted lets say Nbt 50k/100k worth of btc to buy nsr’s on the market making Nsr’s price rise with buying support and two nushareholders will have more nsr as dividends distributed to them

this is just an idea,

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NuBits is an implementation of Peershares, which specifically supports PPC distributions. If a shareholder wants to receive NSR instead, he or she can trade the PPC they receive for NSR on the market. Since this is already possible, it’s probably better to keep things simple.

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