Display bug in Blockexplorer: The top 10 wealthiest NSR addresses have more than 1b NSR


It is a bug since the final balance when you click on the address does not match the balance displayed in the ranking.

What’s the difference between SDA and final balance?

SDA = Share Days Accumulated. Total shares balance multiplied by the days since last transaction of those coins, also called coin age.

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How to check one’s SDA in the wallet?

Turn on your advanced settings and go to coin control. From there you can look at your output’s ‘coindays’ which is terminology taken from ppc but really means ‘sharedays’.

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anyone can confirm that the ranking is displaying incorrect information?

What’s the difference between SDA, SDD, Total balance and balance?

My wallet says that I have “0” coinday for my NBT and NSR - did not move my NSR btw for a long time.

Yah mine does too. I just assumed when I saw the label. At the very least you can check the block explorer. For instance, this is one of my addresses. It has accumulated almost 1 million SDA:

Apparently, I don’t know how to do it with the wallet gui.

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To refresh my mind, how SDA or SDD influences voting power?

SDA: accumulated
SDD: destroyed
Votes must have 50% SDD and 50% flat votes. Usually it is the flat votes that holds a motion back, but occasionally it needs more SDD.

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Thanks -
Anybody knows how the balance in the list gets calculated ?

What list?

My understanding is that the SDD will be discarded soon in the counting.

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Balance in this list: http://blockexplorer.nu/topNSRaddresses/1