[Discussion] Selling NuBits is Selling a User Experience

Whether the customer is a hoarder, a trader, a business, or a merchant, and whether the experience is liquidity walls, parking, or simple blockchain transactions, shareholders need to realize that their share price is inextricably linked to that experience being positive and the user walking away pleased, or at least unencumbered.

A complicated UI, a memory hogging client, inconsistent liquidity provision, unclear expectations, insufficiently tested update releases, and buggy or failing services will spell death for Nu just as surely as a peg break or black swan.


Out of the things you listed there, what do you believe we need to improve and how?

Totally agreed.

Just a bit comment. In out opinion, A robust and light-weight client and a robust Nu API Web service are of most importance now.

I agree.

NuDroid and Coinomi are both reasonable lightweight wallets, IMO.

Tiny liquidity is a show stopper for merchants, notwithstanding a perfect peg

If a large amount of liquidity is available but at a cost, business can work around. So liquidity amount should have higher priority than spread.

That’s the reason why the Nu funded gateways are configured the way they are!

This will be aided by B&C as exchange risk is the priimary concern with T2 liquidity (liquidity at a high spread).

How much of this are you saying is specific to NuBits and how much is about cryptocurrencies in general?

I had a legitimate use for NBT two nights ago, and I bought some. The process was incredibly simple and easy, just as easy as buying Bitcoin but with added peace of mind.

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Sorry for confusing. I was referring a lightweight wallet could run on PC with full features of Nu Client, such as coin control and RPC APIs. Just like Electrum for Bitcoin

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They just need to be cross-platform right away: support for Linux, Mac OS, Win…

User friendly multi-platform GUI clients, I guess that’s what non tech-savvy needs…

NuDroid and Coinomi are good candidates for future improvements in that direction IMO…

But lets not forget what really matters: merchants accepting US-NBT for goods and services --> that’s the core point!

I’d like to see a wallet that’s NuBits only, no shares or minting, no big ram usage, just barebones send/receive and coin control with rpc. Maybe parking if it’s really easy (just the RPC command or whatever). And no bugs! Super well tested!

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