Discussion on proof-of-stake taking place right now on /r/bitcoin (involving NuBits)

its not about nubits its about NEuBits

also I just figured some thing else while visiting NeuBits forum //forum.neucoin is exactly like Nubits forum by the way and they don’t even have the software out no pre dates set on their launch page ** it is planned to happen in spring 2015** making me think they are waiting for Nubit source code to be available so they can launch a Clone of Nubits im staring to think maybe a few neubits Dev encourage the vote for the nubit source code to be released

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http://forum.neucoin.org/ is indeed based on discourse.

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pre scam clone just like Baycoin the dev will try too sale 1000000000 neucoins for .01¢ that’s 10000000$ or the most they can sell to investors once all said and done they leave with the cash and let the investors deal with market crash by dumping the rest that were not sold on the prelaunch sells

Classic bobsurplus tactics,

its not Nubits Name but Close enough to cause damage to Nushareholders because its sound so familiar people are easily confused if I had control on the release of nubits I would not release it just yet maybe in a year or two or if they actually compile their own code which i doubt I bet any thing NeuBits would postpone their launch even further in the future

From their website:

The total coin supply begins with a 3 billion pre-mine and will grow to an estimated 100 billion over ten years, with the actual number dependent on the percentage of coins that are mined over time

They are doing the same fixed-supply approach that everyone else is, so I doubt they have plans on adopting the Nu model. Nothing in their strategy appears to be groundbreaking; their critical flaw is assuming that utility will lead to enough stability that its users won’t immediately sell the coin for a profit. In reality, it is stability in a currency that provides it with utility…

Their “Neu” name comes from Neuehouse.com, where one of their angel investors Josh Abrams was CEO. I do agree that it is lazy on their part to not come up with a new brand when Nu already exists in the crypto space, but that’s their decision.

It remains to be seen how effective their marketing will be. I’ve never liked the “CEO of XYZ Company invested in us, CFO at HotStartupABC invested in us” approach of marketing they’re using. Their project is well-funded however, so I expect to see plenty of advertisements and paid articles for Neucoin in the near future. Despite their use of buzzwords like “Freemium” though, I don’t see the point of using their product. It will always be more volatile than a currency should be.

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I agree.

If Nu has money for Ads, how would it advertise itself?

One example will be the advertising we do on coinmarketcap.com for the Android mobile wallet once its ShapeShift functionality is ready.


For those that didn’t see my reply in the previous thread on this, they already explained why they didn’t copy NuBits. Basically, they’re relying on an outdated model of how Nu works. They researched it when Nu first released, but decided the parking mechanism made is unsustainable, since there was no way to shrink the supply. They didn’t seem to know about all the major changes to the system we’ve made since then, like NuShares printing and NuBits burning…


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The fixed supply makes it not a currency.

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