[Discussion] NuShares are the First Crypto Index Fund

In addition to being the first successful stable crypto currency and the first decentralized central banking system, Nu has also created the first cryptocurrency mutual fund. By passing a motion to diversify reserves into both peercoin and bitcoin, NuShares now represent ownership over both tokens and the ups and downs they experience. Once it achieves a widespread financial basket through the top cryptocurrencies to date, Nu will float on the cryptoeconomy like an index fund does the dollar economy, providing a more stable ride for all.

The current ideal index is:
80% NSR
15% BTC
5% PPC


Very interesting point of view!

In the end it’s a little bit more complicated, because the NBT in circulation play a role in that game as well.
After all sold NBT are the reason for Nu to have (temporary) proceeds, which end up in the basket.
Sold NBT might decrease the ratio of NSR in the basket, while they increase the ratio of BTC, PPC, etc. (whatever will be included in the basket).

Other coins exist in the queue for future addition?

Each new coin requires an FLOT team and an executor. We’re still uncertain about nsr execution and we dont start buying ppc till april. But given time, i dont see why not.

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