[Discussion] Make Firing and Replacing Incompetent Architects Our Top Priority

I don’t know whether you will request a motion for delivering this, what I consider basic information, but I thought I might just ask straightaway.

How’s the status of Blocks & Chains Exchange?

Some accounting would be nice as well:

  • how many funds does Blocks & Chains Exchange development have
  • who controls them
  • which addresses contain them
  • how many NBT were parked and for how long
  • what’s the parking interest of the parked NBT
  • what costs did Blocks & Chais Exchange have so far

I’ve edited the title. I thought it might be appropriate to switch from defending myself to a little bit more offence.

@JordanLee, provide the information.
You lack transparency. I want to know how the situation of BCE is.
Not knowing about Nu in a financial way for too long (you controlling the funds without reports, paying bills without accounting, etc.) was not in favour of the business.
Is there an elephant in the room?
Might I make a guess: you can’t tell the NBT addresses to protect the privacy of the investors, right?
Are we sure the NBT are still there? Oh, you could prove it, but the privacy…

Otherwise I make a motion forcing you to do it. You will obey to a passed motion, right?


@JordanLee is it possible to get those reasonable questions answered?

@JordanLee, I know you are busy with destroying me, but can you please tell us when you will take care of this?
I’d really like to make a motion out of it, if that’s a requirement.

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OMG! Lets replace everyone and anything then, NUtanic is sinking :smiley:

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I have spoken on these nearly all of these matters in the past, and the recent past in most cases. These items are not my priority right now. They don’t seem urgent.

Have you spoken on what percentage of currently-parked-NBT is owned by BCE? I don’t recall seeing that, though I may have missed it.

I have given raw numbers on multiple occasions and recently. Using the totalparked info from the getinfo RPC the percentage can be easily derived.

I haven’t found an overview of them. Would you mind referring me to them?
I beg to differ regarding importance.
Without accounting you can’t run any business successfully.
Without knowing about costs, you don’t know how much revenue you require to stay solvent…
As you seem to be the only one having these details, I need to ask you.

While you are working on the accounting information of Blocks & Chains Exchange, can you please create that report as well for Nu?

Especially the early days with big trading volume and the associated trading costs are important for the far future of Nu, in which the Liquidity Engine shall run at full speed again, e.g. what was the NAV of the funds at exchanges back then?
Development costs and other maintenance costs, contracts, etc. would be helpful as well.

If you provide addresses, that were in use (regarding transparency mandatory), the shareholders can assist you in piecing together information.

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