[DISCUSSION] Communication tools -- forum is limited

I believe the crisis we are having right now reflects issues, among which is the communication among the members before they make their decision.
Forum is (very) limited and if we limit ourselves to it, we ll have a short sighted and limited decision making process.
I would like to start a discussion about why we are using a discourse forum and generate ideas about optimal communications tools.

For example, makerDAO is having a weekly recorded shareholder meeting-- Not that they are succesful or that is efficient, just that we can think of many other ways.

Ref: Facebook CEO Zuckerberg's Rules of Success


Like your approach, but with shareholders in different timezones and a desire to stay anonymous or pseudo-anonymous for good reasons limits us to this platform.

An online audio or video chat with a good chair would be far more effective but I don’t believe it is in the realm of possibilities for a decentralised worldwide group of shareholders. I can be wrong though.

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MakerDAO is one of our competitors and they are doing governance meeting:

Not sure about the decentralized aspect though, at all.

There are shareholders that do not mind about going public – those would be interested certainly in more elaborate communication tools.

Entirely my opinion
We need something like this:

Wow, interesting.
" LiquidFeedback (abbreviated lqfb) is free software for political opinion formation and decision making, combining aspects of representative and direct democracy. Its most important feature is the implementation of a delegated voting system (“liquid democracy”) "

How is that compatible with Nu?

We can use it. Nubits (website) should install it and we can see wheter it is helpful