[Discuss]Motion to fire incompetent members in B&C network


In this website, the links have NOT been updated for almost one month since V5.0 release, whoever is the owner of this website, will be fired.

At the bitcointalk thread, the “BCexchange” account will be fired because he/she hasn’t posted the v5.0 update.

@tomjoad seems not interested in anticipated in B&C affair anymore, he/she can resign. Otherwise also should be fired.

I prefer nobody to those apathetic members, even nothing but only 33 nodes left in B&C’s network, I still want to fire them.

B&C now is in a nightmare:

  1. Leader disappeared, but fortunately we elected a new technical leader.
  2. Website and twitter seem abondoned.
  3. Big whales want to sell BKS.
  4. Majority Dev fund in NBT parked by Jordan, and some NBT in Angela’s hands.
  5. Developing activity is in chaos, how many developers? Who pay them? Everything is unclear.

I suggest we B&C shareholders unite together to pass this crisis. This is the plan

  1. Elected some reputed signers.
  2. Form a team named Most Reputed Signers(MRS)
  3. Request Angela/Jordan to hand over the remaining dev fund to multisiged MRS members.
  4. Under the @Sigmike’s technical leading, MRS take charge of dev fund spending or crowdfunding.

Don’t wait for dying.


Not sure if there is anyone to be fired :slight_smile:

@coingame I thought the B&C website was also transferred to github. didn’t it? Anyone can propose updates, the question is only who has the approval rights to apply the updates?

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Since no one is being paid it would be difficult to fire anyone. Though I suppose you can still technically fire volunteers.

If anyone would like to update the site feel free to submit a pull request.

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Who knows how to do this? Isn’t it something simple that should take like 2 minutes?

@CoinGame, how many people have access to merge pull requests on the bcexchange.org repo and who are they? I assume you are one. Are there others?

Right now it appears to just be me and whoever controls a github account called bcexchange.

Is it possible you could make this change when you get some free time? If I knew how to submit a pull request I’d do it, but unfortunately I’m a Github noob except for submitting issues. I can do that as a reminder if you want me to.