[Discontinued] Cybnate's Nu datafeed - BETA

Well your motion kind of forced me into that. I supported it because I thought it was good to set some standards about advertising spreads, but you also included high spreads into it which was already not great at the time which you can find back in the thread or related. You probably forgot about that discussion we had somewhere late last year. The only thing I could do is provide liquidity at lower spreads myself, which I regularly do.

My next proposal, if feasible to me, will indeed have a lower offset, probably more like 0.005 and will make a specific statement about overriding your motion. Time is working against me at the moment though as priority is with increasing demand of NuBits.

Just for Poloniex and up to 5k for Bittrex

Be careful going down that low on spread, offset should not be lower than deviation. Your LPs might start trading with each other unintentionally during volatile times. That’s kinda where the minimums came from, practical lower limits.

So what do you want nupool to do? Your feed has effective veto over nupool operations.

My feed doesn’t have veto, that is a myth. There are motions and grants which has passed without my datafeed support.
Shareholders can add that grant manually easy or just subscribe to another feed temporarily. I guess it will pass anyway, it just takes longer. Besides I haven’t given it a definitive “no” yet, as I like to support the creators of ALPv2.


31-Mar-16 Updating the datafeed:

Deleted motions:
ee20086eb56a8a7b0f722227086b05de9941a293 (passed)
25d8226a7aeb47370e8db0c2035296fb7e2c4095 (passed)

Deleted custodial grants:
BCigRTj8Lg25xSZLW59eUwuszw8nuPAubs , 990 (passed)
BRUuKfGur7CZSLy65gYUPJUQyQZeT1XQnD , 1 (passed)
BEv74GNRYyAeRJbXxjQvbbS48E7YvDgfs6 , 450 (passed)

Added custodial grant:
BAs6fhm6bfJ1b6LGnDQwah1C8frfVjjWhm , 1360
NuPool 8 ALPv2 (woolly-sammoth)


3-Apr-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grant:
BC84Af1QuytYF37yTd1hf34zRKnLWTJoTA , 750
Alix panel fee request (willy)

Deleted custodial grants:
B6t3WuYQvqEW9SqjmpJDA1oy9cXbyFzgoq , 3000 (passed)
BLYdibXLb7ixXgKW5bFVD4KiCRLkyk6Ks6 , 4760 (passed)
BAs6fhm6bfJ1b6LGnDQwah1C8frfVjjWhm , 1360 (passed)
BD8ork1pAt3vuVgGaX7j9Ei66xT3vvqrg2 , 1 (passed)

Deleted motions:
a951e9e8e72bcb313eb7fc6c65c797ccb53b9ef0 (passed)

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16-Apr-16 Updating the datafeed:

Added custodial grants:
BFRhngri9DLUnatcnhSJrZDk5J7u3Mhu5H , 440
Grant for NSR buyback and PPC reserve operation calculator (mhps)

BDroid6QBUXXt7QFD51BixZzmEgwmTBMNX , 16000
NuDroid v5 upgrade (Apr-16) (Cybnate)

BEuimmeoME52rKhiuiXvGBoTKP8r5fPwrp , 4760
NuLagoon monthly fee (henry)

Park Rates:
10% for 3 months
5% for 1.5 months

Nubits 0.01
NuShares 1.00
(Endorsing current fees without change)


20-Apr-16 Updating the datafeed:

Deleted custodial grants:
BC84Af1QuytYF37yTd1hf34zRKnLWTJoTA , 750 (passed)

BFRhngri9DLUnatcnhSJrZDk5J7u3Mhu5H , 440 (passed)

Added Motion:
Standard and Core (nagalim)

Changing park rates:
22d - 3% (changed from 0%)
1.5m - 6% (changed from 5%)
3m - 12% (changed from 10%)

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22-Apr-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
BEuimmeoME52rKhiuiXvGBoTKP8r5fPwrp , 4760
NuLagoon monthly fees (Henry)

BDjdqcmTXjeWFtXCFC6j3GjcbPwBDu4c7k , 328
NuPond term 10 (Nagalim)

Adding Motion:
Outstanding NuBits (Nagalim)

Park rates and Fees:

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25-Apr-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grant:
BLiquidBuES84tcMsSC2Z6Cebus6Kf7B5x , 631
LiquidBits term 8 (cybnate)

Deleting custodial grant:
BEuimmeoME52rKhiuiXvGBoTKP8r5fPwrp , 4760 (passed)

Park rates and Fees:

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What about voting for this: [Passed] Operator fee for masterOfDisaster dual side NuBot at Poloniex
…should be a no-brainer

I don’t think this is a no-brainer: [Passed] Operator fee for masterOfDisaster dual side NuBot at Poloniex but will add it to my datafeed.

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1-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grant:
B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt , 90
Operator fee dual side NuBot at Poloniex (MoD)

Adding motion:
Encompassing NuLagoon Contract (nagalim)

Removing custodial grant:
BDjdqcmTXjeWFtXCFC6j3GjcbPwBDu4c7k , 328 (passed)

Park rates and Fees:


4-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Deleting custodial grant:
BJ8vw82j8CTQwzi4QLocyddkgVtPkrcHXz , 4000 (passed)

Park rates and Fees:


8-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
Motion Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex term 3 (zoro)

Deleting custodial grants:
BDroid6QBUXXt7QFD51BixZzmEgwmTBMNX , 16000 (passed)
BLiquidBuES84tcMsSC2Z6Cebus6Kf7B5x , 631 (passed)
B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt , 90 (passed)

Deleting motions:
3867806079bb45338c233ebd3dd364f40df69334 (passed)
392b89104ac63202baa11df9b4844db5f91532ed (passed)

Park rates and Fees:

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17-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
BPyBotXoVMiAFWLwcxRpSntP9oe2NGYPtE, 129
Dual-side passive PyBot for 90 days (Cybnate)

B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa, 4760.0
NuLagoon monthly fee request 15-Apr-12May (Henry)


21-May-2016 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
BRsLYtJhPhz7QdkKK54HkoizUrNk64wFwf, 1280
Nupool term 9 (wooly-sammoth)

NuSafe payment first operating period (dhume)

B9Uid7z3hKczGAKT2QxjYQ1yetVK4gz9Mi, 249
Backpay for NuBot gateway term 2 (zoro)

BF46YvCKsppCC8eDD55FKeaWQa6nbK7BUx, 806
NuPond Term 11 (nagalim)

Deleting motions:
9d3538c6e95e0cfeae7afeeb5e82874a25040276 (passed)

f1a5bee323f6f3100e962ad41a0e9f9678930500 (passed)

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25-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
[Voting] 0.6% Maximum Spread for ALP/MLP, 1.2% for Nu Funded Liquidity Operations (cybnate)

Adding custodial grant:
BPACKiS7Q5wdishcEzabgXV8dRJJV1uXgt , 600
Proposal to run nuexplorer instance (backpacker)

Changing park rates:
22d - 3.5% (changed from 3%)
1.5m - 7% (changed from 6%)
3m - 14% (changed from 12%)

Rationale park rates increase:
The standard is still increasing into the negative. We are not able to attract enough money to get parked looking at the new graph Backpacker is now providing to us. I believe some shares should be sold soon.


29-May-16 Updating the datafeed:

Deleting grants:
BF46YvCKsppCC8eDD55FKeaWQa6nbK7BUx , 806 (passed)
BRsLYtJhPhz7QdkKK54HkoizUrNk64wFwf, 1280 (passed)
BTBeS9ezRDm7hWABXLM6WpTSVeH8Ec2FBd , 900 (passed)
B9Uid7z3hKczGAKT2QxjYQ1yetVK4gz9Mi , 249 (passed)
B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa, 4760.0 (passed)
BPyBotXoVMiAFWLwcxRpSntP9oe2NGYPtE, 129.0 (passed)

Changing park rates:
22d - 7% (changed from 3.5%)
1.5m - 12.5% (changed from 7%)
3m - 25% (changed from 14%)
6m - 7% (changed from 0%)

Rationale park rates increase:
The standard is still increasing further into the negative and NSR reserves should be sold. Therefore increasing the attractiveness of parking further. Added also a 6 month low rate to attract long term investors.


2-Jun-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motions:
CCEDK Contract (ronny)

Changing Spread for Passive Dual-Side Pybot for Poloniex and Bittrex (cybnate)

Park rates and Fees:


4-June-16 Updating the datafeeds

Changing park rates:
22d - 8% (changed from 7%)
1.5m - 16% (changed from 12.5%)
3m - 32% (changed from 25%)
6m - 16% (changed from 7%)

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