[Discontinued] Cybnate's Nu datafeed - BETA

Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grant:
BEDt9yB7J2Vzp1A9UvD91vNuA1oJGyLqQ8, 4760
Nu-Lagoon Jan-2016 fee

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24-Jan-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
Establishing Peercoin FLOT reserve (Nagalim)

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30-Jan-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo , 1 NBT (grant commits to 250 NBT backpay after services delivered)
Dual side NuBot gateway in Poloniex (zoro)

B8CVEVW5PXSKeJwHsgba2NqKY3etuzN7uK , 225
Backpay ModPuddle term 3 (MoD)

Deleting motion:
6a2fdd44881be1d64ee5c03517525b52f607342c (passed)

Deleting custodial grant:
BEDt9yB7J2Vzp1A9UvD91vNuA1oJGyLqQ8, 4760 (passed)

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4-Feb-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grant:
BTdQH5QNHU1EHsbAxfbZfQpk9YRR8EDJfu , 198

B5V5SaL2WGKodLG8LsMoGhV8MtMWhrQQC2 , 620
NuPond term 8 (Nagalim)

Deleting custodial grant:
BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo , 1 (passed)

B87mfnein7htqfUmk6Dtx5b6ye1SGxFXe1 , 600 (passed)

Deleting motion:
6311782b5d731cd45dd6873b24bcd6e62846fb2d (passed)

Correcting a custodial address:
BTdQH5QNHU1EHsbAxfbZfQpk9YRR8EDJfu,198 updated to:
BRM8hfdKJ6gSqStBshtsnq7fQdLAUwzbG2 , 198
Wrong address has been added to this feed (and other feeds and clients - please check yours!)
NuRiver HitBTC Increased Liquidity Payment Due (backpay grant NMEI)


7-Feb-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grant:
BN3XDdiNQw858WWpPEZ3kVr5WsgwYjMRy3 , 1 NBT
Passive Poloniex Liquidity Source (Nagalim) committing 150 NBT/month

Deleted custodial grant:
B8CVEVW5PXSKeJwHsgba2NqKY3etuzN7uK , 225 (passed)

Swapping grant address:
B5YxZq3CJdtq3qBRezthKtLybHND4gYzq5 from BRM8hfdKJ6gSqStBshtsnq7fQdLAUwzbG2 , 198
On request custodian
NuRiver HitBTC Increased Liquidity Payment Due (backpay grant NMEI)

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11-Feb-16 Updating the datafeed:

Added custodial grant
B954pkUEdkeT1G5Lq14Cisij5no3RVxHYe , 650
LiquidBits term 7 (Cybnate)

Deleted custodial grant
B5V5SaL2WGKodLG8LsMoGhV8MtMWhrQQC2 , 620 (passed)

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14-Feb-16 Updating the datafeed:

Added custodial grant:
BTdQH5QNHU1EHsbAxfbZfQpk9YRR8EDJfu , 1
HitBTC NBT Entry Gateway

B7jeGVDdsd4eE5ZGGmv8xXn2QgkS9nAPUC , 100
Dual-side PyBot on Poloniex and Bittrex (cybnate)

Deleted custodial grant:
B5YxZq3CJdtq3qBRezthKtLybHND4gYzq5 , 198 (passed)

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20-Feb Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
B7Jj1q3CmFQy2RU6L97hEPPw1tG8rNgreC , 4760
Nu Lagoon Fee Feb 2016 (Henry)

BEfKNxhQRVGAozMGUNkk6Wg6bcke2SE5Dm, 1
Single sided NBT Gateway on HitBTC (nmei)

Removing custodial grants:
BN3XDdiNQw858WWpPEZ3kVr5WsgwYjMRy3 , 1 (passed)

B954pkUEdkeT1G5Lq14Cisij5no3RVxHYe , 650 (passed)

BTdQH5QNHU1EHsbAxfbZfQpk9YRR8EDJfu , 1
Removed on request (nmei)

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23-Feb Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grant:
BHAU3ZGUqFNfFpHbMK2Jjf4izL1XGrjGfY , 4760
Added updated address / NuLagoon fee Feb 2016 (henry)

Deleting custodial grant
B7Jj1q3CmFQy2RU6L97hEPPw1tG8rNgreC, 4760
Removed, address used before, see replacement grant above

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27-Feb Updating the datafeed:

Adding custodial grants:
Sell side Nubot gateway on HitBTC (Zoro)

BExP2RYt43WsPCHGFH8PuwntbC26J19xUz , 4760
NuLagoon fee (3rd attempt)

, 990
LiquidBits term7 addendum (cybnate)

Deleting custodial grants
B7jeGVDdsd4eE5ZGGmv8xXn2QgkS9nAPUC, 100 (passed)

BHAU3ZGUqFNfFpHbMK2Jjf4izL1XGrjGfY , 4760
Removed on request, address used before (2)

BEfKNxhQRVGAozMGUNkk6Wg6bcke2SE5Dm, 1 (passed)

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3-Mar-16 Updating the datafeed:

Added Motions:
Motion to join Peercoin FLOT (Cybnate)

Bitcoin reserve (nagalim)

Deleted custodial grants:
BA8di3FFBADAFQmRwEqiAocrkBoMDPBQQu , 1 (passed)

BExP2RYt43WsPCHGFH8PuwntbC26J19xUz , 4760 (passed)


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Is there a reason you aren’t voting for @Crypto_coiner to join FLOT? There’s only about 4 days left to pass that motion.

No, there is not. Just added it.

12-Mar-16 Updating the datafeed:

Added motion:
Motion to join FLOT (cryptocoiner)


17-Mar-16 Updating the datafeed:

Added custodial grant:
BP7geZ2uhdeaqS5vX8Zx3abd43abs62aus, 1750
Redesign & Rebrand of RAW.Coinerella for ALP v2 (Willy)

Deleted motions:
a21a63a806cbd0d640f692911c503818c1579b94 (passed)

f27c979e0ba6f8dfc77a4305ccdc9ed9452230b2 (passed)

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25-Mar-16 Updating the datafeed:

Adding Motion:
Motion Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex - term 2 (zoro)

Added custodial grant:
BLYdibXLb7ixXgKW5bFVD4KiCRLkyk6Ks6, 4760.00
The Nu Lagoon Custodian Fee Request of Mar 2016 (henry)

Deleted custodial grant:
BP7geZ2uhdeaqS5vX8Zx3abd43abs62aus, 1750 (passed)

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Thoughts on NuPond? Only 5 more days before funding runs out.

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I reviewed it and I have a question: [Passed] Nupond Term 9

26-Mar-16 Updating the datafeed:

Added motion:
T3 Custodianship - Extended Contract (nagalim)

Added custodial grant:
BRUuKfGur7CZSLy65gYUPJUQyQZeT1XQnD , 1 (liability of 50 US-NBT/month)
Sell side NuBot Gateway on Bter.com (Huafei)

BD8ork1pAt3vuVgGaX7j9Ei66xT3vvqrg2 , 1 (liability of 50 US-NBT/month)
Sell side Nubot gateway (BTC/NBT) on SouthXchange (zoro)

B6t3WuYQvqEW9SqjmpJDA1oy9cXbyFzgoq , 3000
Custodial grant to rebuild NuBits.com (coingame)

BEv74GNRYyAeRJbXxjQvbbS48E7YvDgfs6 , 450
NuPond term 9 (nagalim)

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NuPool 9 ALP v2 please, I’m excited to see the polo alp back up and running.

NuPool 8

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