Difference between address and Dividend Address


When I click the NuShares tab and click Receive I noticed that 2 addresses appear. The first one says “Address” and the second one says “Dividend Address”.

Can someone please tell me the difference?


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Hi @Nickolas

Address is where you receive NuShares (NSR). If I wanted to send 100 NSR to you, you would provide me with that address so that I could transfer them to you. NSR addresses always start with the letter “S”.

Dividend Address is actually a Peercoin address. You can see this because every dividend address starts with a “P”. When our custodians distribute publicly-announced dividends with Peercoin, anyone holding NuShares receives a proportional amount.

A simple example would be if you owned 5 NSR out of 100 NSR on the network. If a custodian distributed a 50 PPC dividend to the network, you would receive 2.50 PPC if you imported it into your Peercoin wallet. Each Dividend Address is paired with an Address.

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For those who are curious, here are Instructions for how you export that address from your Nu wallet to your Peercoin / Peerunity wallet.


That reminds me that I need to take new screenshots – the ones used in the tutorial are OLD :wink:

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Thanks alot for your helpful response.