Decentralized long term USNBT purchase and burn program

@smooth, I have 38669.8625 NuBits that I need to liquidate for BTC. I wanted to first come here and ask if you’d like to purchase them from me during your next buyback. They will end up on exchanges where you will most likely buy them back anyway, so I figured it made sense to skip the exchange step and do this OTC. Please let me know what you think, thanks.


I’d rather just stick with doing it on the exchange so there is no possible question about the pricing being right. The good news is that you can take advantage of the liquidity I’m providing on the exchange to sell.

week 44/52
NBT purchased: 84489.0
BTC spent: 0.61617331
price/BTC: 0.00000729
price/USD: 0.0651

burn txid 9a97d7b561bf497a9e9724fd8e0ab1754a734b09de58c4d8247cc90050f50dae


week 45/52
NBT purchased: 84945.73
BTC spent: 0.61617331
price/BTC: 0.00000725
price/USD: 0.0732

burn txid 2481bada1709d348e7a760688f6208431b09203bcf756b178399215d8ead1759

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Hello all. Due to a personal emergency I was unable to complete the weekly buy and burn. I will complete it ASAP and catch up with the next week.

week 46/52
NBT purchased: 58217.90
BTC spent: 0.61617331
price/BTC: 0.00001058
price/USD: 0.0999

burn txid 4172240b5839ff838bdd18a0e3d736fdab482444cd7e391d106a4c9f612217b8

Looks like the NBT price is rising quite a bit.


Definitely appreciate your efforts. Though my concern the balance between nsr and nbt is at an unsustainable place right now. The liquidity ratio is almost at 5x.

week 47/52
NBT purchased: 56706.17
BTC spent: 0.61617331
price/BTC: 0.00001087
price/USD: 0.105

burn txid b8b91faede13dfdb9298d558fa906495c55dc7d15e00100b4bb6575c823858b2

EDIT: burn info above was previously incorrect. Now fixed.

week 48/52
NBT purchased: 52603.44
BTC spent: 0.61617331
price/BTC: 0.00001171
price/USD: 0.108

burn txid 128599abc7aaf4744605bdb0c44b2e22b77c88a9244cd82d33e70de807808fb0

week 49/52
NBT purchased: 50488.93
BTC spent: 0.61617331
price/BTC: 0.00001220
price/USD: 0.112

burn txid d91d86d34ecd83c2ed5ec620a0739b18c2203e14c40a33fae974f41ac56c5570

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