Dear NuPool LPs

Ways to rebalance a pool with 0 buy side (to get really really high rates):

  1. Sell nbt to gateway, taking an immediate loss.

  2. Sell nbt to the tube, play the spread.

  3. Sell nbt to me at 0.2% off the price feed from your exchange account. This mode of liquidity is generally volume limited however.

In all cases, remember to set your buy side wall size to something small, like $10.

tube spread is 0.6% right? the nupool only at 0.5% offset

You lose some to fees almost no matter what. The point is that you make that back because of the pool rewards.

Have you tried it? The nupool rewards are like a “mystery”. some times are sent correctly, other times not at all. Perhaps it is due to corrupted price feeds that huafei reports.