Custodians sensitive metrics

Is it possible to have some real-time metrics that considers what the active custodians hold and supply? let me elaborate, the current metrics IMHO lacks some significant informations that Nushares holders need to consider and marketers need it to convince possible users.

  1. The supply/demand metric on the client can be deceiving in the beginning of new LPC act, if there is an equilibrium of the market supply and demand, this liquidity will increase the supply and give the shareholders a misleading idea that may make them approve unneeded parking rates.
    I suggest to have a more specific metric Differentiates between the custodians supply/demand and the market uncontrolled supply and demand.

  2. The reserve ratio lacks any metrics yet and it may be very useful for marketing and decision making as well.
    Is it possible that Nubot supplies two significant informations :
    A- the total USD held by the active custodians in the demand side of the NBT/USD pairs.
    B- the total Nubits in the market circulation that may be sold for USD at any time (Total supply-Total Nubits held by all the active custodians)
    So the ratio goes USD/freeNBT *100.
    Some of Nushares holders may build there entire decisions regarding this single ratio.

  3. BitUSD market cap : ~$ 10,000 ------------------- 24h trade Volume $ 247,528
    — Nubits market cap : ~$ 2,000,000 $ ----------- 24h trade Volume $ 36,068
    The information about the free Nubits amount in the circulation (out of custodians hand) may answer this contradiction and it will be supplied already from the previous reserve ratio metric.

Please let me know if there is something wrong with these justifications and if you think that these informations are too hard to obtain automatically.

I think we are almost there, I’ll let @Ben reply!

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There’s been a tool for shareholders to see live custodian data being worked on for a while now. As desrever may be hinting, it could be almost done.

It’s done, but I’ve been delayed dealing with fringe error conditions that are showing up in the real data that weren’t there in testing.

Tracking down the last of the gremlins and then it can be released. Until then the data displayed may be incomplete, which is worse (in my opinion) than not yet available.