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General question about the format of Kiara’s last operations report. She needs to include trade data in the future (known issue), but beyond that, what other info would be useful to shareholders? I’m working with the custodians to design the new reporting tool’s overview screen and I want to get your opinions about what information would enable shareholders to utilize the data in ways that let them make informed decisions.

We are shooting for near-real time reporting, with limited historical data in the initial version. Don’t let that limit your feedback, any suggestions will be considered.

Nothing? No changes needed?

If you have an example of a financial report that you like, or that you feel was designed well, please post the link so I can take a look.

Maybe post a sample of what you have thus far?

Here’s a link to @KTm’s report that I referenced.

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@KTm still hasn’t addressed our questions around the loss that’s occurred. I would like to see a breakdown of what Chronos described here Grant Operations Report

I’m not sure if that’s a function of “trade data” as specified above, or a separate issue. If it’s already planned to be included, disregard.

Trade fees will be included in the trading report feed.

I’m open to suggestions for how to show arbitrage. Without knowing which accounts are trading against us (and the details of those trades) is it possible to develop a model that can identify arbitrage trading vs. “normal” trading?

Capital loss is an interesting element to add. If I understand the usage (above), we’d need a way to identify the original basis for a sale to set the starting value and then pick an organizational method (FIFO, LIFO).

That’s a very informative report. The auto generate tools of this definitely will mitigate custodian’s hard work.
I suggest that in future, besides accounts balances of current term, we could also report accounts balances of previous term and the balance movements between the two terms.

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Since unfriendly exchange log has been such a drag in producing reports, according to Kiara, at some point we should demand the exchanges to offer tx log compliant to our need or Nu will move bot somewhere else due to high cost of report generation.

The reports will be generated using a variety of tables, and when useful, charts and graphics to illustrate the status. I plan on building this in an iterative fashion, so while my goal is to get all of the information in there, in the first release, I expect that it will take some time to fully-enhance the report to be “pretty”.

This is the inclusive list right now that I’ve been working from. Am I missing anything obvious? Are there items on the list below that won’t be useful at all for shareholders?

The reports will be auto-updated, with the initial target of a refresh every 5 minutes. Depending on the need and performance, this refresh timeframe could be sped up or slowed down.

Custodian’s Grant Report

Overview of Managed Funds

Similar to what you see in Kiara’s last report, but with additional data showing historical changes.

  • On-Exchange Holdings
  • Off-Exchange NBT Holdings
  • Off-Exchange Non-NBT Holdings
  • Dividends (this period, last period, all time)
  • Summary Totals (during set time periods)
    • Capital gains / losses
    • Total number of orders placed
    • Total number of frders fulfilled
    • Value as a percentage of Initial grant distribution remaining (after consideration of previous dividends, capital adjustments, expenses, etc.)
    • Estimated return (during set time periods)

Detailed Breakout by Exchange and Market

Each exchange and market supported will get it’s own version of the sections described below. If I can figure out a safe and secure way to aggregate information, I’ll

  • Exchange
    • Market
      • Type of bot (dual-side, buy-side, or sell-side)
      • Active Orders (current
      • Summary of Past Orders (average order price, size)
      • Trades (consolidated list with filters and link to raw data)
      • Capital Gain/Loss
      • Trades
      • Operating Costs (trading fees, withdrawal fees, etc.)
      • Change in position over time
      • Exchange Deposits
      • Exchange Withdrawals
      • Exchange-Market’s NuBot options.json (sanitized to remove personal details, but useful for others to see how the bot is programmed to behave)

Other Grant Information

Miscellaneous information about the grant, the custodian, etc. This may be a section that the custodian can write themselves and include, or it could be generated from other sources. This isn’t necessarily going to be placed last, I just didn’t want to include it above the other sections for this discussion.

  • Grant Details
  • Links to other grants operated by the custodian (if applicable)
  • Current (and possibly historic) exchange rate data for trading pairs (NBT/crypto, NBT/fiat, crypto/fiat, fiat/fiat)
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Update: Development is going well, though it was interrupted by yesterday’s 0.5.1 testing deployment activities. I’m going to be back on it today and expect to have a basic testing starting tomorrow with Kiara and Jamie. Crossing finger :slight_smile:

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