Current volume

NuBits $ 543,794 $ 0.997538 545,136 NBT * $ 51,120
I think we have not had more than 50k in a long time.


Good idea to start a thread to keep track of this. I usually check it every time I’m on CMC. It has been a while since we’ve seen numbers like these.

Feb 17th was when things were trending down from the $1MM+ volume days, and crossed under $50k. There was a spike over $50k on April 29th.

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Could this be due to the NuDroid advertising campaign that started today?

could also be the large ltc/ppc/btc price movement. can we check how many downloads has there been for NuDroid?

More likely it’s just people moving in/out of LTC and Dash on Poloniex.

77,591NBT now.

$31,256 today, mainly from Poloniex. Last couple days were around $20,000.

what are we doing so right on poloniex that we aren’t doing on other exchanges?

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Polo is one of the most popular exchanges now thanks to ether.

The more action the exchange sees the more NBT will see.

Now $44,603.

We should have some kind of updating chart to keep track of this.

In addition to @nmei’s insights, I think Poloniex may attract more sophisticated traders because of its advanced features like margin trading. Those sophisticated traders may have higher awareness of NBT’s ability to be used as a hedging tool against BTC price depreciation.

NuBits price today, USNBT to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap shows the daily trading volume. If you set the window to look at the period after our exchange hackings (March 1, 2015 - Present), you can see that trading volume has been growing at a healthy clip since June 2015.


I agree also tom that polo’s advanced capabilities - like margin trading are a draw.
I know I use it for lending…Hey think it would be good to see if polo can add NBT to margin trading? It’d be more exposure.

It has the deepest liquidity and more pairs for arbitraging and speculating.

NBT/BTC LPCs are set to lose, though, even if BTC prices come back. The interest Nu pays hopefully will offset most of it.

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I can’t believe I never noticed that volume chart. I analyzed the chart and July 11th is the last day with the largest volume. I zoomed up on that day and the volume was around $77k. If we can somehow surpass that then it will be our highest volume day since February 16th, (around $125k) which is when it dropped off after the second exchange was hacked (BTER).

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True story… I’m sorta sad tonight…

$76,687 now. Another $1,000 or so and I think it will qualify as our highest volume day in almost half a year!

I zoomed into the volume graph and the number we have to pass is $77,897. If we pass that then I think we should tweet it out.

Passed it! Currently $82,470!

Let’s wait until the day is over though to see what we can get to. $125k is the next level, which hasn’t been reached since February 16th.