Current Tier 1 Buy Liquidity - EXTREMELY LOW - 7kNBT [WARNING!]

Are we going to lose the peg?


10k nbt in fact because of: Current Liquidity

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The NuBot on allcoin stopped the operation. There are many possible reasons why this can happen and so far there is no reason to worry about that.

There is some guy in the trollbox of allcoin (ironically called ‘whitehat’) who claims to have access to sensible exchange data and tries to get something for it. Maybe the custodian (who is on allcoin?) chose to be careful considering the recent events.

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Why? If the bot is stopped, that means that the corresponding buy support is at least suspended…since most of the liquidity seems to be on allcoin, i think it is very problematic if someone wants to sell more than 10000nbt right now…

Yes I agree. What I wanted to say is that the major part of the liquidity might be in another Tier level right now which cannot be seen by liquidity-info.

If anyone is keen to place some larger-spread walls on exchanges to support the peg, let me know. Note that the allcoin API is still in beta and it took them 48 hours to send me my API key. But other exchanges work out of the box.

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I don’t think NuBits promises this at it’s early stage.
Converting larger amounts of NuBits does not work necessarily on

a) the same exchange
b) at one time

at these, quite turbulent times for this project.

Nu promises to to buy back for 1 USD, but not when and were exactly. It’s a main goal to reach this, but Nu obviously can’t afford it atm. Patience and solid growth are needed, more than ever.

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Liquidity at Allcoin just dropped off altogether, so the low number is not because we have had a bunch of buy side liquidity switch to sell side. There is ~45k in buy side liquidity that just became unavailable for a reason unknown to me. @jmiller I’m hoping you can get that back up soon.

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Just putting this here:

This is happening right now in the Allcoin trollbox. All claims and it could be fake, but considering the recent events I would understand if @jmiller decided to take action.

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Maybe jmiller should transfer his liquidity to ccedk, which seems more robust.

Very interesting. Might explain why liquidity was pulled.

oh titles.


The end is near!
But seriously - is it just me or is not responding?
Well done by @jmiller to stop activity there. I just hope Tier 1 and 2 funds have been withdrawn…

Thanks @cryptog, @creon and @JordanLee for responding seriously to that post. I have meant it to be a serious warning to shareholders and to Nu as a business.

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No, it’s loading… but reaaaaaly slow.

@assistant liquidity

Hi @cryptog

The current Liquidity in the Nu network is:

86350 NBT on the sell side and 32226 NBT on the buy side.

It seems that 25k were added to the buy side.
I cannot see the corresponding amount on ccedk or allcoin.
Anyone knows on which exchange it is sitting?