Current Proof of Stake Difficulty

If you mint with the same wallet on different machines they will always find the same kernel at the same time. The network will invalidate the block due to the same stake rejection mechanism. You will get an orphan. So don’'t do it.

1438 blocks is very close to target of 1440. Excellent! We should be able to get a much more accurate measurement by studying the source code and extrapolating backward from the difficulty of 0.00036027. Would anyone like to post the code in this thread?

Thanks! It’s just a thought.

Finding 1440 blocks a day means there is no push or pull on diff. But since diff is proportional to 7-day moving average of blocks found(IIRC), minus 1440/day so it has inertia and lags behind of the “instantaneous actual diff”. The diff is still falling currently and it will fall a bit more. I guess one can solve a differential equation to find out how many stakes are actually minting.

1355 blocks found in the last 24 hours. diff=0.00034885

The last 1440 blocks were solve in 29 hours instead of 24. diff=0.0003214 and dropping fast.

My simple estimation from data in the last 48 hours shows that there are equivalently 300 million shares minting on average. The apparent explanation is that many millions of shares are moved to the exchanges as a result of recent price appreciation.

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While people are free to do as they please with their NSR, I hope they heed our warnings that NSR should never be stored on an exchange longer than it takes to make a trade. While NSR are on an exchange they can’t mint to secure the network, can’t cast votes, and are out of the control of their owners. If a dividend is distributed, there is always a risk that the exchange will steal it.

Using the blockexplorer I found at least one of the exchanges mints with its nushares.

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If anyone can definitely prove an exchange is doing this, we will de-list them from our Exchanges page and make a public recommendation not to use them.

Why? Their minting help to secure the network, too. I’d even encourage exchanges to mint for the users, and give users the option to vote with own NSR on exchanges, provided that the exchange can do a good job in security.

edit: see past discussions of what an exchange could do

Because it’s extremely unlikely that the exchange is setting votes for those shares. Every NSR that is minting without votes being configured count as a “no” vote, which introduces the threat of network paralysis. The thread you linked has some great ideas for future exchange services, but they’re not a reality yet.

OK. This problem with “minting without voting” should be communicated clearly with exchanges.

… or at least encourage them to seize voting until voting feeds are ready?

De-listing them immediately seems be a bit harsh to me.

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It is obvious that the majority of nushare holders are just speculators trying to make a quick profit (hit and run)
they don’t care about nubits at all nor voting or make any dividents.
This is the risk with NU DAC, the wider spread of nushares can damage or destroy NUbit pegging.
I see that there are no walls in allcoin and in poloniex. Sometimes the nubits value is reported below 0.9$ !!!
Due to this i was thinking if it is for the best, the majority of shares to be in responsible people’s hands like dev team, and community? Perhaps we are not ready for full decentralization just yet!

What is this trolling? never happened before.

I cannot believe I am reading this, what are you saying? The majority of shareholders are holding and their shares never left their wallet.

AllCoin custodian shut down their operation yesterday, and on poloniex @henry is ready to start after @xjabc left.

Can you buy and sell nubits at 1$ ? yes. So when you see a 0.9 price, try to buy it and sell it into our buy walls somewhere else. We already reported how badly cmc report pricing.

Keep calm and be reasonable everyone and lets tackle issues little by little, starting with exchanges.


Sorry, i wasn’t trolling. I was just suprised, that’s all :smile:
thanks for your answers, i am still fully supporting NU in any case :wink:

I think one reason for the recent price surge is the relatively low supply of NuShares on the market meeting a higher demand. This could mean, that most “selected” shareholders are still holding.

This is very likely, since many of us envision a world where Nu becomes the dominant digital currency. The value of that network could be very lucrative.

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This time ,Nu difficulty is 0.00036384

it is going up again.
more shares voting.

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