Current Nushares Supply Status

Are there any more Nushares locked for liquidity operations other than the recent 25 million? Or are the remaining 816 million Nushares freely tradable on the market without any further contingencies?


All other NSR are in circulation and freely available for trade.

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You beat me to it :wink:

The last NSR that were under @JordanLeeā€™s control have been burned 2 months ago:

I am really impressed by the pace of which one or a few shareholders seek to exit this project. While the argument of course is that I should be happy with the amount of Nushares to be burned, it also disturbs me that some people do not even seem to hesitate a second before clicking the button to exit around 900 satoshis per Nushare. Better to stick to the fact that most alt cryptos are not more than a lottery.