Current Liquidity

Didn t u mean 7000 nbt? Still it would be 0.3c per nsr, 2 times the current market. How is it possible?

People are not headless at all, they are smart enough to perceive that Nu’s debts will exceed NSR cap in near future.

Current status of the NuBot with the tightened buyisde offset (2%) and the very tight sellside offset:

Fri Jun  3 05:33:59 UTC 2016
status of mOD dual side NuBot at Poloniex:
nud getliquidityinfo B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 2
        "B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt" : {
            "buy" : 0.74,
            "sell" : 11033.3128

All BTC were sold. I’ll check the trade logs to find out whether it was traded back and forth, before it reached the current status.

@zoro’s runs at 3.5% buyside offset and looks better balancing wise:

Fri Jun  3 05:33:59 UTC 2016
status of zoro dual side NuBot at Poloniex:
nud getliquidityinfo B | grep BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo -A 2
        "BJs4YbtaqCmxeHLiR6zzjnZEotYVFAPfMo" : {
            "buy" : 16790.77,
            "sell" : 19429.8288

I can’t see those T1 funds in my client. There appear only to be ~2700 on buy side T1. Zoro’s bot has 16,790.77.
Is there a reason not to broadcast this liquidity or is there an issue?

Wo. So a higher spread is needed.

The output is an output from my Nu client

getinfo | grep -v ip
    "version" : "v2.1.1-RC1-15-gcf6a10f-beta",
    "protocolversion" : 2000000,
    "walletversion" : 1,
    "walletunit" : "S",
    "balance" : 0.0,
    "newmint" : 0.0,
    "stake" : 0.0,
    "parked" : 0.0,
    "blocks" : 903254,
    "moneysupply" : 822749863.91840005,
    "timeoffset" : -1,
    "connections" : 8,
    "proxy" : "",
    "difficulty" : 0.00021671,
    "testnet" : false,
    "keypoololdest" : 1461163974,
    "keypoolsize" : 101,
    "paytxfee" : 1.0,
    "unlocked_until" : 1562106351,
    "errors" : ""

I can’t say that I’m surprised by this :wink:
That’s why I wanted to keep the funds on @zoro’s NuBot at a higher buyside offset.

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Here is the output from my Nu client:

“version” : “v2.0.1-beta”,
“protocolversion” : 2000000,
“walletversion” : 1,
“walletunit” : “S”,
“balance” : 0,
“newmint” : 0.0,
“stake” : 0,
“parked” : 0.0,
“blocks” : 903260,
“moneysupply” : 822750103.91840005,
“connections” : 12,
“proxy” : “”,
“difficulty” : 0.00021675,
“testnet” : false,
“keypoololdest” : 1409216713,
“keypoolsize” : 501,
“paytxfee” : 1.0,
“unlocked_until” : 0,
“errors” : "

Is is a linux machine or has a bash?
If yes, this command should show the liquidity. It’s broadcast by NuBot.

nud getliquidityinfo B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 2

Ah, I understand: you’ll find only $400 included in the T1 report, because only the first order is reported as T1. All other orders, even on the order book are reported as T2.

Right, a bit odd, but that explains it.

With the current session ID you’ll find the details - I hope you are on bash :wink:

nud getliquiditydetails B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 1000 | grep 0.4.1_1464903918569_e146d4 -A 2
        "1:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464903918569_e146d4" : {
            "buy" : 0.0,
            "sell" : 800.0
        "2:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464903918569_e146d4" : {
            "buy" : 0.73,
            "sell" : 10233.3128

I’ve decided that not being able to track the liquidity of each of my NuBots is bad.
Unfortunately I have only one NBT custodial address to broadcast the liquidty.

If you use getliquidityinfo to track the liquidity, you see the combined liquidity of my three NuBot gateway (2 at Poloniex, 1 at hitBTC).
If you are on a system with a bash (or another shell that’s alike), you can filter it conveniently this way:

nud getliquidityinfo B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 2

The result of that output is:

nud getliquidityinfo B | grep B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt -A 2
        "B9gXptkoqAApF3AFrQyhUbhSzvuEudxupt" : {
            "buy" : 21433.12,
            "sell" : 25111.0935

If you want to have a more precise overview, you need to investigate the output of getliquiditydetails.
This is just a quickly hacked together script that does that on bash:

An output of that would look like this:

status of mOD NuBot session at hitbtc:
        "1:NBTBTC:hitbtc:0.4.1_1464952860644_29cdbc" : {
            "buy" : 0.0,
            "sell" : 500.0
        "2:NBTBTC:hitbtc:0.4.1_1464952860644_29cdbc" : {
            "buy" : 1365.38,
            "sell" : 418.265
status of mOD NuBot session at poloniex:
        "1:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464943832235_3ba051" : {
            "buy" : 500.0,
            "sell" : 2000.0
        "2:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464943832235_3ba051" : {
            "buy" : 19622.05,
            "sell" : 11160.2103
status of mOD NuBot session at poloniex:
        "1:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464903918569_e146d4" : {
            "buy" : 400.0,
            "sell" : 800.0
        "2:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.4.1_1464903918569_e146d4" : {
            "buy" : 22.2,
            "sell" : 9815.3268
status of zoro NuBot session at poloniex:
        "1:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.3.2a_1464953175077_595d35" : {
            "buy" : 750.0,
            "sell" : 1500.0
        "2:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.3.2a_1464953175077_595d35" : {
            "buy" : 16556.52,
            "sell" : 17929.8288

Unfortunately I don’t know how to tell my two NuBots at Poloniex apart.
The one that was started after the other always has the latest broadcast session.
I fear, they can only be told apart by the order sizes.

The one with
the closer spread has the buy order size 400, sell order size 800, the one with
the bigger spread has the buy order size 500, sell order size 2,000

The one with the tight spread is currently out of buyside funds. There’s no BTC on the order book.
T2 is partially on the order book, but only the first orders (the ones with the tightest offset) are reported as T1 by NuBot.

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I guess you cannot use my latest grand address which i don’t use to report liquidity.

do you want to send you the private key?

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No, I don’t want that.
You’ve been trusted with it. You need to keep it confidential.
But thank you for your confidence.

Could you post data for the last 24hrs?

@CoinGame could you help?

To make it one more post, that needs to be moved:
don’t I interfer with the NuBot at 0.35% sellside, 2% buyside offset?

OK, so the problem is: I have 10K in NBT right now. And I really want to sell 1500, but I can’t. So while price stability looks good…there is no liquidity.

How do we get back liquidity when BTC is on a run?
We need more USD/NBT gateways.


The low liqudity is a direct result of the big buyside offset.
If it were lower, we had liquidity, but would soon run out of BTC.
The demand for NBT is low, because BTC is on the rise.

That would of course help; if they were really used they’d be even more helpful. doesn’t show much trades in fiat pairs.

But the NBT/USD pair is very important - after all NBT is pegged to USD! Supporting a tight peg on that pair without volatility risk is easy as pie.

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So the question remains: I have NBT & I want BTC, but how do I get it?

There’s more than 1.5k NBT on the buy side on polo. It’s just at a spread you have no taste for.

T6 leveraging is an intentionally slow process. If we want more reserves we should make a motion like:

“Every week, increase the target reserve by 0.25% of outstanding NBT until it reaches 30%.”

This will leverage the market more rapidly.