Current Liquidity

The recent Nubits trading volume and the frequency that tier4 envolved in balancing liquidity implys that more fund of tier1 & tier2 is needed now.


OK, so clearly that’s not wrong. I’d love to have more liquidity and all, but we’re already paying a pretty penny for liquidity. Maybe we could think up ways to stimulate getting liquidity for cheaper, or buy advertisement specifically for getting more LPs. Fixed cost will help, as would a lower T4 threshold. However, I am of the opinion that we need a solution to the question of how we respond if an individual exchange gets bought up but other exchanges are fine. A T3 solution is needed there.

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Or we could start using some of our own funds to provide liquidity. Would also be an easy way to inject more NBT into the market when needed.

agree with you , and can require a pay of nbt as interest .

but the one can run nubot and send data to nework

I am not so sure that this would help in polo in “emergency” situations.
Since i, as an LP, don’t have the required funds to put in buy or sell side,
i definetelly have to interact with T4, no other way i see here.

Unless my grant(s) pass, this gateway MUST NOT be used except all other means (no arrangements can be made to support the peg) fail.
Neither JordanLee nor me has the approval of the shareholders for using it.
But I bet they would forgive us if this were literally the last resort


@assistant liquidity

Hi @huafei

The current total liquidity in the Nu network is:

Bid: 58247.7899 NBT (46.42%)
Ask: 67228.194 NBT (53.58%)

It is broken down in the following manner:

Tier 1:
    Bid: 11394.4819 NBT
    Ask: 20556.0821 NBT

Tier 2:
    Bid: 9828.98 NBT
    Ask: 5024.4428 NBT

Tier 3:
    Bid: 34398.2148 NBT
    Ask: 33830.0 NBT

according to coinerella, buy walls in polo and bter need rebalancing.

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Currently, only 36% of tier 1 liquidity is on the buy side. Therefore, I will use tier 4 BTC to purchase NuBits until the walls are nearly balanced. @henry can NuLagoon help by selling NBT for 1.005 and perhaps bringing some of the BTC to buy walls? Does anyone else wish to sell 5000 or more NBT for 1.005? I have sent a PM to zoro.

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8018 NBT have been purchased and placed in FSRT address BFTnCyMX1nsTNp6X7Bcm1qVocvShdbwtMi. FLOT will be handling the purchase of NBT as needed going forward.

@assistant liquidity

Polo needs a $10k buy. @zoro can you take some btc to market? Will you sell your nbt for $1?

I will make the transaction with Jordan or FLOT?
I have some NBT ready :wink:

Well, we aren’t under 40% anymore (btc price is doing crazy things). We need a system for this, maybe FLOT can make a private message with @zoro and do at least a test transaction if not actually bring a couple thousand USD to market?

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buy side in polo is very thin. FLOT can PM me to arrange a transaction to fix that :wink:


@assistant liquidity

About 13000 NBT worth of BTC will be needed to balance the liquidity. Will you be able to buy about 36 BTC?

I know polo is important. But is FLOT to react to individual exchange’s liquidity condition? shows that overall ask:bid is 54.69%: 45.31%

I think we should be proactive than to run the last minute. :slight_smile: