Current Liquidity

11964 NBT were purchased and placed in FSRT address BFTnCyMX1nsTNp6X7Bcm1qVocvShdbwtMi with 37.65 BTC from tier 4 funds. Liquidity is nearly balanced with 47% of tier 1 liquidity on the buy side.

i just woke up!
glad to see some balance. if more btc are needed, please let me know.

Poloniex BTC/NBT 14218.3909 (ask) 21126.9306 (bid)
according to alix walls.

walls are now the opposite than a few hours ago! :slight_smile:

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Are we ready to talk about a 35% threshold, or are we still having fun watching fsrt buy one day and sell the next?

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A little bit of inspiration:

This is fine with me. Even a wider band is OK.
(Didn’t you mean sell side when NBT is needed to be purchased and put into the wall?)

Pinging @FSRT and @JordanLee (soon this will be replaced by FLOT :sun_with_face: )

I just want to confirm that my NuBots on Poloniex (one sell side only, one buy side only) are operational - in case the current BTC volatility requires NBT or BTC being injected into Poloniex T1 directly, because other means of adjusting the sides are not efficient enough.

I’ve tested their proper operation by providing the bots with small amounts of NBT and BTC:

12:14:19.590 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - SELL- OrderBook : ----- SELL-side order book :
SELL wall volume : 2.04669262
SELL tier2 volume = 0.0 NBT
Total SELL volume = 2.04669262 NBT
Best price :0.00280504 (1.0059995456$)
SELL balance left = 0.0 NBT-----  [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:227]
12:21:04.003 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - BUY- OrderBook : ----- BUY-side order book :
BUY wall volume : 2.3995828952
BUY tier2 volume = 0.0 NBT
Total BUY volume = 2.3995828952 NBT
Best price :0.00275483 (0.9939977606000001$)
BUY balance left = 4.799999953064571E-9 NBT-----  [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:227]

@JordanLee @FSRT big sells on poloniex

emergency? i can buy btc asap from T4.

edit: why so much difference between wallet’s liquidity and coinerella?
who is right?

ok! now we have real problem in polo!

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I see the buy wall at Poloniex was just wiped out. 13,000 would be required to balance network wide, which will need to go to Poloniex. @henry can I buy NBT from you and have NuLagoon promote the BTC proceeds to Poloniex? I will contact zoro now.


I can’t check my NuBots (buy side only / sell side only) right now, but a few hours ago I checked them and they were operational - just in case of emergency…

edit: verified - bots are running.

buy side NuBot:

22:36:36.049 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Buy-Wall size :  : 0.0 NBT [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:543]
22:37:10.973 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Sell-Wall size :  : 0.0 NBT [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:538]
22:37:17.124 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Buy-Wall size :  : 0.0 NBT [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:543]
22:37:51.975 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Sell-Wall size :  : 0.0 NBT [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:538]
22:37:57.703 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Buy-Wall size :  : 0.0 NBT [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:543]
22:38:32.973 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Sell-Wall size :  : 0.0 NBT [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:538]
22:38:38.697 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Buy-Wall size :  : 0.0 NBT [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:543]

sell side NuBot:

22:38:03.410 [priceTriggerTask] WARN  - Strategy received a price change notification. [c.n.n.s.S.StrategySecondaryPegTask:162]
22:38:29.290 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Already shifting walls. [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegTask:89]
22:39:10.285 [Strategy Secondary Task] INFO  - Already shifting walls. [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegTask:89]
22:39:15.934 [priceTriggerTask] WARN  - Shift needed on **poloniex** - Reason : BTC price changed more than 0.1 % [c.n.n.s.S.StrategySecondaryPegTask:199]
22:39:15.940 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - Immediately try to cancel all orders [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:312]
22:39:16.764 [priceTriggerTask] WARN  - Orders deleted [c.n.n.s.S.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:322]
22:39:16.768 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - initOrders SELL [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:177]
22:39:17.438 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - No need to execute SELL orders : available balance value is less than 2 NBT.  Balance : 0.0998 [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:204]
22:39:17.442 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - initOrders BUY [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:177]
22:39:18.124 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - No need to execute BUY orders : available balance value is less than 2 NBT.  Balance : 0.0007189 [com.nubits.nubot.strategy.Secondary.StrategySecondaryPegUtils:204]
22:39:30.128 [priceTriggerTask] WARN  - Wall shift successful [c.n.n.s.S.StrategySecondaryPegTask:206]
22:39:30.132 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - New price computed [Thu Nov 26 22:39:30 UTC 2015,blockchain,BTC,350.98,USD,0.00286711,0.00283207,] [com.nubits.nubot.tasks.PriceMonitorTriggerTask:477]

7267.12 NBT was purchased and sent to FSRT address BFTnCyMX1nsTNp6X7Bcm1qVocvShdbwtMi. 21 BTC was paid from tier 4 buy side funds and will appear on Poloniex very soon.

We still need more buy side on Poloniex. I can buy NBT for 1.006 if the BTC proceeds will be placed on Poloniex market. Who can help? PM me or Bitmessage me at BM-2cXS5ezep1jUqeu8CwC6M4aTmMSxcFEHNN.

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So no on the depositing directly to MoD then?

can your open a fix cost pool at polo?

4000 NBT was just purchased for 11.317 BTC, which will appear on Poloniex shortly. That will balance the walls, so I am closing NBT purchases for now.

I’m very pleased with what masterOfDisaster has done, but it does have the disadvantage of being an extension of credit. Therefore, I will use it when direct transfers cannot be arranged.

FLOT may wish to make an arrangement with @masterOfDisaster.


The recent Nubits trading volume and the frequency that tier4 envolved in balancing liquidity implys that more fund of tier1 & tier2 is needed now.


OK, so clearly that’s not wrong. I’d love to have more liquidity and all, but we’re already paying a pretty penny for liquidity. Maybe we could think up ways to stimulate getting liquidity for cheaper, or buy advertisement specifically for getting more LPs. Fixed cost will help, as would a lower T4 threshold. However, I am of the opinion that we need a solution to the question of how we respond if an individual exchange gets bought up but other exchanges are fine. A T3 solution is needed there.

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Or we could start using some of our own funds to provide liquidity. Would also be an easy way to inject more NBT into the market when needed.