Current annualized NuShare inflation is 9.7%

Each day liquidity operations goes into the open market and sells NuShares using a formula to move the reserve balance in the direction of equilibrium. With the current size of the daily sale being NSR valued at $183, and with the current NSR price level, this dilution calculates out to an annualized rate of just 8.9%. With minting block rewards, total annualized NSR inflation is just 9.7% annualized. That is far less than Ethereum at 15% to 17%. Better yet, we have seen a consistent and dramatic decline in the annualized NSR inflation rate from rates that briefly exceeded 1000% less than six months ago.

If we can sell just a modest quantity of NuBits, we will see that inflation go negative: each day there will be fewer NSR in circulation than the day before. I believe NSR is the only crypto asset that can do that: provide so much scarcity that the supply actually drops every day. Let’s make it happen by moving on marketing!