CT: Earning Money For Music Via MUSE Blockchain & NuBits on NanoCard

Cryptocurrency exchange CCEDK announced today that its Bitshares 2.0-based platform OpenLedger and a music streaming company PeerTracks have partnered with a new blockchain-based platform called MUSE to offer unique opportunities for monetising music.

Debit cards via OpenLedger

Another upcoming feature is a CCEDK/OpenLedger/PeerTracks debit card that will allow any MUSE user to spend received crypto-USD anywhere a debit card is accepted.

Ronny Boesing, CEO at CCEDK and OpenLedger said to CoinTelegraphCT r: 35:

“The idea for future use is to have one card supporting numerous crypto coins like BTS, NuBits, DASH, DOGE and more including assets like MUSE and OBITS as well. It will then be possible choose a prepaid card or instant conversion to fiat card.”

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