Cryptopia. Co. Nz is not sufficient for NSR

Cryptopia. Co. Nz is not sufficient for NSR
The only exchanges that can be exchanged for NSR are not worth the NSR
Can’t the problem be solved?

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I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying, but NSR is traded at Alcurex with deposits and withdrawals working.

What I’m trying to say is that Cryptopia can’t deposit NSR
This is the largest trading volume of the site
At NSR, I can’t make it
The NSR in the local wallet cannot be charged to Cryptopia
Is it too sad for me?

Stauts: Maintenance
Investigating transaction creation issues.

Been like that for a long time. How can it be fixed?

It is frustrating, isn’t it?

Only Cryptopia can fix it. It is really easy. Just turn on deposits and withdrawals. We know they have a functional and synced Nu client running because they are processing US-NBT deposits and withdrawals.

I recommend everyone waiting to withdraw or deposit NSR at Cryptopia contact them about the problem. They have said they we will re-enable them, but it appears they have never quite prioritized the task. A little push might make the difference. Perhaps people can remind them that since the Poloniex delisting they have been the major NSR exchange, except that in recent days Alcurex has had more volume. They are losing their chance to be the main NSR exchange, which just before the Poloniex delisting consisted of more than $1,000,000 in monthly trade volume. There is a lot of potential there for Cryptopia for almost no work.

Got this response from the Cryptopia admin:

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Oh, don’t worry. This community has an immense frustration tolerance.
They manage to bear you sitting out inconvenient questions all the time :wink:

Like, what happened to 200 million NSR from the B&C dev fund under your control and why did you use them for minting, although you promised not to.

Thanks. I find their reaction unfair. I’ve been trying to talk with them to determine what the problem is, and offered developer support. I suggested increasing the transaction fee, and then when the fee returned to normal I said they should simply be able to resume operations. They were then confused about what their issue is caused by, and I replied that we had to guess the increased fee since they’ve provided no details. I haven’t gotten a response since May 12, after which I sent one more message May 18.

Had I been given any sort of status report, we wouldn’t be telling people to contact them. As it were, I’ve just been ignored.

Though in assuming the transaction fee causing the issue, I didn’t outright ask them to give details but assumed they would if relevant.

Hi jooize,

The DEV guys are still working on the wallet but hope to have everything finished/rebuilt etc tomorrow. We are working on this as a priority.

I will close this ticket out but we will contact you on the provided addresses should we require any assistance.

The Cryptopia Team


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Great news. Thanks @jooize

Cryptopia does not seem to be opening up NSR’s withdrawals and deposits

You can follow the latest in another thread. They do seem to be working on this with priority now.

Cryptopia has enabled NSR deposits and withdrawals!

Thank you Cryptopia. Should you need our help in the future to support the NSR and US-NBT listings, please don’t hesitate to contact us, specifically @sigmike. We will give you priority support for free.


Does have any response?
My coins there are a lot of no withdrawals succeed
I did not exceed their time limit