lets you play with NuBits

I stumbled across this website earlier today while searching NuBits mentions on reddit.

Last time I posted about someone supporting NuBits it turned out to be a scam site, so I thoroughly tested this one.

It’s a very simple betting game. If you’ve ever heard of plinko, it’s kind of like that.

Basically you can deposit different coins into your account. When you join one of the games you’ll see tabs at the top left of the screen with different coins you have available. You can grab one of the coin icons and place it somewhere in the playing field. Once a certain duration of time has passed and a certain number of coins has entered the field the game will start.

The coins will bounce off bumpers, and be thrown around by paddles until they all fall down the pits. Depending on where they fall you can win, lose or draw.

So i’m happy to say that I was able to successfully send NBT to my account, play a game, and then withdraw my NBT. The deposit took about 20-30 min, but the withdraw took less than ten. They also support Peercoin which I know many on here would be happy about. There’s an in game chatroom and the developer happened to be there, so we had a nice short discussion about the game and NuBits. I identified an issue with the game which he promptly fixed and said would go live in the next version. Seems like a very cool person that’s excited about NuBits as well.

Not endorsing the site, but I wanted to share my experience because it’s refreshing to finally start seeing NuBits out in the wild. Hopefully we can see more posts about NuBits adoption in the coming weeks and months.


Thank you for finding, testing and reporting this. I may give it a try just to honour the developer of that site for having NuBits available there :wink:

It is not just a game, its also a sort of trading platform , which is also interesting.

I am not sure how it works but it lets you do some interesting tricks :smile: