Crypto Debit NanoCard - An easy access to fiat report from Hamed Sattari-Coinify

Great amount of use cases from Hamed Sattari, CTO of Coinify explains nicely in which way crypto is easily accepted by the public, and it is great to see that our NanoCard has been well received and used as intended - An easy access to fiat via the crypto currency Bitcoin and soon other crypto currencies.

We need ways to reach out for broader acceptance of crypto currency, and which better way is for the public to feel that crypto has in fact the value promised.

Together with Bit-X we have begun the Nano era introducing NanoCard to the pioneer of crypto currency i.e. bitcoin and in the next few months comes fiat pegged crypto! A great way of making history - introducing a fiat pegged crypto debit NanoCard to be used anywhere in the world and any time in places where credit cards are generally accepted.

Please find below the link to the great report done by one of the particpants Mr. Hamed Sattari attending the Blockchain and Bitcoin conference in Copenhagen last week - you can read the follow up in this link:

More articles on the NanoCard mentioned below, of which the one from Bitcoinist is the latest from Saturday 20th June 2015:

Would love your support to our headtalker NanoCard 2.0 campaign, as it will help get the message out to as many people as possible!

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