Creating a company

Such ignorance!

Keep on going with your ponzi scheme. I will keep on going naming it what it is.

Oh, btw: I’m calm. As calm as most of the forum nowadays.
But being calm won’t save Nu.

Wake up, sir.

What mishandling of 13 BTC?

@masterOfDisaster still has 13 BTC that NuLaw requires be used in liquidity operations. Multiple shareholders motions prohibit withholding these funds from would-be US-NBT sellers.

The funds are very much needed right now given our thin buy wall as we deal with US-NBT sales arising from NuLagoon disbursements of pool funds. The matter could be quickly and easily resolved with a transfer of the funds to 1L55nYrmDEVSmwrLRBkXDCRc7kRJ9YDKVP. This is a liquidity operations BTC deposit address at Poloniex. Funds deposited there go directly to the Poloniex US-NBT buy wall.

Oh! He shouldn’t do that.

And you shouldn’t sell currency tokens before there’s revenue and a sustainable business scheme.

Looks like there’s a lot going wrong here at Nu.

Why not?

You already explained it:

I don’t need to ask for NuLaw or motions, because you are the chief and can do as you please.

I have to admit, @masterOfDisaster has no business withholding the funds.

Needless to say he’s not allowed to do it, but it’s good to have somebody to put the blame on if anything goes wrong.
I bet @Phoenix will find use for that.
Those 13 BTC will eventually be the reason for [please fill in a special flavour of Nu failure here].

what is ?


an attempte to create a new type of venture capital usiung nubits and DAC.

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I would prefer a company that is an accounting firm. The task would be to accurately represent the finances of Nu and BKS. This way, every interested party can read how the balance sheets are.
Moreover, such company could hire programmers to pay taxes and social contributions. This would then be an administration of a virtual process.
Nu and BKS were in possession of this accounting. They would be responsible for taxation. Practically, this would be the supervisory board of Nu / BKS
This means this accounting as a real representation a virtual coin needs highly-qualified front office. It requires knowledge of international finance and commercial law.