Could Project codename PeerKeeper save Nu?

The cryptocurrency’s paradise is Internet content consumption.

If NBT is a currency to use for content comsuming, more NBT will be burned directly by browseing activity.

Wow, steemit, the next product of BM from bitshare, very interesting platform. :rose:

Anyone underestimates crypto’s role in internet content consumption/production is STUPID.

STEEM price soar! I regret didn’t buy STEEM one month ago. :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you have read Massimo Morini’s SSRN on a Hayek coin?

Massimo Morini is a big Hayek fan. In this case he has taken Ferdinando M. Ametrano’s paper which I am sure you are familiar with ( and sees this as a breakthrough, however with a feature that can hamper its adoption: the mechanism for stable prices implies that the amount of money in every account is continuously modified. The instability of prices typical of bitcoins is transferred to accounts, so that the purchasing power of savings continues to be far less protected from inflation/deflation than in standard fiat currencies.

To overcome this Massimo advocates using two types of wallets, one stable and one speculative. Essentially the speculative wallet acts as a shock absorber to the stable wallet and as a result is leveraged.

Personally I like the idea as there is room to capture both safety seekers and speculators in the same system. However, I need to go over some issues that I have with it.

Did you know Steemit has a Steem Dollar? It seems to operate on Morini’s principals via Steem Dollars and Steem Tokens however the issuing of Steem Dollars is limited to revenue generated by an user for publishing an article.

I’ve read the whitepaper, and I think it’s bad idea to change customers’ balance. Dislike the two wallets, too complicated. Compared with their model, I am more stick to the original suggestion from Hayek.

Steem Dollars is limited to revenue generated by an user for publishing an article.

It should be limited within a company’s revenue level, otherwise it’s 2nd Nu.

Maybe we should think of ways to implement something similar to your proposed Hayek coin idea.

I usually think to myself the same way as you did.

I regret not “surfing” Ethereum, NEM, SIA and STEEM’s pump lately.

But that’s fine. It’s a problem already “diagnosed” called Hindsight bias

I just wonder will that ever happen with NSR and BKS?

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In 2015 I asked about Ethereum on this forum and find it stores all the thing in one blockchain, so I gave it up, but the fact proves that I underestimated the speculation/madness of people. I was also intrested in open transaction, but it never released.

One month ago, I thought steemit is good, exciting internet content consumption, and although I don’t like BM, he is right at Nu’s ponzi conclusion in 2014. I even registered on Bittrex and ready to buy some Steem, but I saw the liquidity is low, so I hesitated again to wait for a while, and then Steem price soared.

This time, I find “Waves”, and actually I’ve bought some, because Waves designers are smart:

  1. They use chrome/firefox plugin, so it’s very friendly to the public.
  2. They want integrating the FIAT and crypto, and they want clone the lightning network from Bitcoin, so they are on the correct direction: internet content consumption.

In future, customers of waves can directly pay the content on internet via browser plugin, and supported by powerful payment system(one million per second)!

So I will never miss this “wave”. Perhaps waves can do anything peerkeeper can do!

A fast moving world, there are many new faces since 2013, ethereum, DAO, waves, steem, dash, however, none of them could provide hayek money, that’s our last chance to succeed, hope we accomplish it before they wake up, but before that, ourselves should wake up first!

The next thing I like is “decent”, a decentralized content publish platform, you can regard it as block chained BBC/CNN. Located in Switzerland, real IDs of developers, I will definitely buy some decent when ICO begins.

I don’t want to be regret missing the “waves” and “decent” chance, and will never regret if they fail.

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.