Cost to vote?

Hi, possibly a bit of a stupid question… I understand that you need 10k nushares in order to have a vote, I presume though if you want to vote it doesn’t actually cost the 10,000 nushares you own? Those are shares you keep but allow you a vote in the proceedings?


You don’t lose the 10K NSR, no, in fact when you successfully mint a block and vote you are rewarded with an additional 40 NSR.

No those 10,000 shares are only locked up for a while. You even get 40 new NSR each time you vote.

Voting happens when you find a block using Proof of Stake, and every minute each “chunk” of 10,000 shares is a valid candidate to create one of those blocks.

Awesome thanks! So I take it I can use the “motion vote” button to cast a vote on items on the forum here?

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Correct, just add the motion hash from the forum post and you’re good. Please make sure to have the most recent wallet installed, it should be version 0.5.4

Yep, just input the hash and whenever you mint a block you will be voting for all motions you have listed in your client, as well as parking rates and custodial grants.

Yeah I noticed there had been a new version but I’m on a mac and only have 0.5.1-beta is there a newer version for mac available?

This is nice forum software btw, really intuitive.

Unfortunately 0.5.4 is not available for Mac yet, but you absolutely should update to 0.5.2 as soon as possible:

Hopefully 0.5.4 will be released shortly. Until then better use the blockexplorer to follow motions.

great thanks - I’ll get that updated and keep an eye out for 0.5.4

Nice to see you @cshelswell! For those who are unfamiliar, he was responsible for designing banners for Peercoin’s social media last year, and I believe he was also working on sound effects for a video.

Hey - yeah sort of been sitting in the wings for a bit but quite interested in the NuBits / NuShares setup. As usual you seem to have a great community building up. Great to see!