Correct spell for nubits and nushares

What’s the official spell for nubits?
Several options - NuBits, NuBit, nubits, nubit
Does each have a different meaning?

What’s the official spell for nushares?
Several options - NuShares, NuShare, nushares, nushare
Does each have a different meaning?


Officially it is “NuBits” and “NuShares” for the overall product names in our branding properties like the website. For example, we would write to an exchange operator to request that they add NuBits and NuShares onto their platform. One NuBit is worth $1.00 US and is the naming convention for an individual unit of the digital currency.

Many people will write Nubits or nubits too; all are correct. It’s a matter of personal preference.

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Why is it not just “Nubit” (non plural form) to mean the network from the 1st place?

The network and protocol are called “Nu”. It inclusively describes all associated tokens (NuShares and NuBits).

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Jordan uses “nubit” in the url of his bitbucket repo: