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So SouthXchange hasn’t operated the USD pair for ages?
And spending USD on buybacks is easy? If so, how?
While my removed posts were for sure tongue-in-cheek, I fail to see what’s misleading or false with them. The USD pair there is old. USD pairs for NSR don’t exist. That together with the trouble transferring USD makes it hard to use USD for buybacks.
But go on, just draw your line.

So you are the one who can read minds?

Can’t you imagine that I really feel sorry for @Dhume? If I remember correctly we are talking about 7,500 BKS, worth tens of thousands of USD back in the days.
And haven’t I been a proponent for focusing on USD?
Oh my…
Be careful not to overshoot your goal when you try drawing a line!

Is that what your original posts said?

No, it was in reference to a post only talking about USNBT pairs. The previous NBT pair was delisted from SouthXchange, and now we’re listed there as USNBT.

Then you go on saying we could ‘simply’ figure out how to store USD without centralization.

I hope you do. I don’t really get the feeling that you do, making such a noncontentious post right after having your other posts removed.

Yes, and the nagging about that is coming to an end. You refuse to acknowledge the valid reasons for not focusing on USD. We may use USD on exchanges, but it won’t be a long-term strategy.

What else do you read there?

An USD pair for NBT is available at SouthXchange for almost two years:

You are trying to weasel out marking my post misleading, because Nu renamed NBT to USNBT? Seriously?

Where did I use ‘simply’ when once again underlining how important focusing on USD pairs is for Nu?
Push your agenda. Remove my posts. Calling them false is not as easy as you appear to think.

So you can’t imagine that I’m very well able to tell your business from @Dhume’s business?
Be told that I’m very well able to feel sorry for @Dhume, while I’m a critic of a lot Nu does or refuses to do at the same time.

I have compassion on @Dhume just as I have with all the current and future NBT and NSR holders. After all this is the main reason why I still waste time here.

Please remind me about the valid reasons for not focusing on USD.

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Your first reaction is to insult. That alone makes you unwelcome.

There’s a misunderstanding here that seems rooted in whether SouthXchange delisted NuBits entirely, not at all, or only removing the BTC pair. No, not because NBT was made USNBT.

Where did I use ‘simply’ when once again underlining how important focusing on USD pairs is for Nu?
Push your agenda. Remove my posts. Calling them false is not as easy as you appear to think.

This is what you do, all the time. You manage to misrepresent what someone meant in a way that makes a point of yours seem legitimate. You gather sympathy as the underdog and perpetuate a sense of malicious activity.

You didn’t say “simply”, no. Here’s what you said:

Is that not heavily implying what I meant you meant?

Keeping USD in a decentralized way is a major aim of our project. We can’t use our own product for that, unfortunately. The only ways I can see to hold real USD as reserve is to trust centralized exchanges or a custodian with collateral like NuSafe. Is that what you want Nu to do?

USD on decentralized exchanges is impossible. B&C Exchange won’t trade real USD. On centralized exchanges people would have to trade BTC for USD and then USD for USNBT unless exchanges agree to custom integration.

You’re making a point for an issue that isn’t necessarily significant. We’ll want to create automation for trading between multiple assets in order to keep maintenance of the cryptoasset reserve low when diversified.

Was that point in the previous quote not just attacking tier 6 in the liquidity model? Keeping USD doesn’t preclude holding BTC, if we would focus on USD.

Maybe I just don’t know what to expect of Liquidity Operations and have my own set of thoughts regarding market overview.

I’m well aware that this is no easy task, but a very important one. That’s why I’m again and yet again stressing it.

That’s a version of what I’m a strong proponent.
The way to collateralize is subject to development. NuSafe may be a good match for a certain tier. I suggest focusing on NSR as collateral.
And I really, really recommend looking for @Sabreiib’s post where he suggested short-term lending.

You could cross that bridge when you reach it and profit from having less trouble with reserve on the way there.

The problem with the model is that it deals with NSR, which are priced in BTC while you deal with NBT priced in USD.
If you only provide liquidity in NBT/USD and let the market do the rest, you don’t need to worry about holding BTC. Just make (NSR) collateralized lending of NBT attractive for liquidity providers.

We can try HAYEK short-term lending model on bks/bkc, it’s decentralized.

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