[Completed] Planned Forum Upgrade: Starting 8 AM EDT on Wednesday, March 11


The forum update has been completed. Please advise me immediately if you come across anything that doesn’t look right.

Thank you for your patience!


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Hello Ben,

What is planned in the upgrade? Is it new features upgrade? Server migration or a Discourse upgrade?

This is a Discourse release update. From what I’ve read from the commits, it’s primarily bug fixes with a few new features.

While that box is down during the upgrade I plan on also taking care of a few housekeeping tasks that require the server to be restarted.

I think we’ll also be able to add custom emoticons and stuff once we make this upgrade as well.

Because :stuck_out_tongue: is kinda creepy, and i’m hoping we can get rid of him.

Maybe even create our own like :nsr: or :nbt: icons. I’ll check it all out once the upgrade is complete.

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