Along with decentralized exchange and smart contracts platform, stable crypto is still a holy grail.
In that field, we got competition.
Besides Bitusd and Tether, there are MakerDAO, Basecoin and others…
Some links about what the current market regards as strong contenders in this field:

By the way, does anyone have any idea about what the third asset in Basecoin, besides the pegged token and the share, the “bond” asset does exactly for keeping the peg?

Finally, MakerDAO is hiring
I believe that Nu should also put more efforts in hiring quickly, if shareholders want to sustain the growth that Nu is having now…in particular a marketer/promoter.

What do shareholders think?

Nu is working on it as mentioned elsewhere.

I suspect the bond is used when the coins are created and ‘lend’ to the user. Same like Bitshares.
I believe Nu should do something similar with parking so parking rates can not only be sustained but also turned into a money making business.

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