some squatter has already registered such a domain name but nevertheless, my idea is to make an analogue to that would list cryptocurrencies by their volatility. The more stable the currency is the higher should be its rank on the list. that should get us some positive propaganda, any takers?


This just made me realize how cool it would be to have a crypto currency/asset volatility index, kind of like the VIX.


Great idea - I would support that project

I like this idea, but wouldn’t it be worth it to lobby CMC to include a new volatility filter rather than make a brand new website ourselves?

That could be a good idea, if done the right way. In that case, the question is whether that new functionality gets properly exposed or remains hidden between other less popular functions of CMC. What would make people to actually monitor such a listing?

Justified question.
But who would possibly visit
The same way of advertising could be used to advertise such a CMC filter…
…and CMC might have more “credibility” than a brand new website.
The question how to make CMC create such a filter remains :wink:

Nice idea.
More generally, I believe putting NuBits on CMC is misleading.
NuBits is a crypto-currency.
CMC contains crypto-assets for the vast majority.
So we should have something like (nubits, bitusd, tether etc…) and (bitcoin, nushares etc…)

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mmm. you sure? I don’t see many assets in the main page. Are you sure you selected the correct tab?

Sorry for being vague.

Crypto-currency to me means crypto-asset whose price is pegged or stable.
CMC puts tether and coinusd into crypto-assets, which is misleading, at least from my perspective.