CoinReport: bigger success of adding Nubits (NBT) always a dollar

Creating a reward-based digital currency system

While the idea of a reward-based digital currency system is new to most of us, Ronny helped the idea in his head for a while. “You could say that the idea of such a crypto currency has been locked in the back of my mind for some time, and with the introduction… of what we would call the first fintech DEX in the world, namely OpenLedger, the idea came back out in full. It started when developing a criteria sheet for other currencies to be added to CCEDK exchange.”

Indeed, CCEDK was busy adding new currencies, including, “A successful introduction of NXT currency, and later on in 2014 the bigger success of adding Nubits (NBT) always a dollar

**More in the article: **A Conversation with Ronny Boesing, founder of CCEDK

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NUBITS and NuShares market on OpenLedger! Did you know you are able to trade with NuBits and NuShares on OpenLedger. Both are integrated and available on platform as OpenNBT and OpenNSR, and all funds are clearly visible under each asset.

It’s as simple as can be: You sign up, go to deposit under account, look for NBT deposit and click to generate new adress, send to this adress, and it will show on youOpenldger account as OpenNBT.

You may now send this to any other account on platform, or create market as you wish, it could be gold and OpenNBT or CNY to OpenNBT etc., you can create any market you wish as long as asset is available, and it takes the time you enter the name and add some funds on the market, and its active.

You may withdraw to your own NBT adress any time you wish through withdraw NBT section.

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