NuBits Vote - last day

Every 2 months has a public vote to get coins listed.
I’d like to think it was my nagging that got NuBits listed in this vote. We would love to take NuBits at Cryfter.

The rules are simple enough - 1 vote per person and no paying for others to vote.
They charge 0.001btc (0.35NBT) per vote and donate it all.

Thanks for looking


I’m going to vote.

I don’t think such serviceses should be our main goal, as they are basically needless with NBT, but adoption is adoption :smile:


Please take one minute to vote

Voting is very very very important for NuBits

Take a minute out of your busy schedule to do so. It can be game changer.

Tweet about it, make your friends vote for it, proactively contact as many people as you can. If for any reason 1 mBTC is a problem I can use personal funds. PM


Voted! Let’s keep it up.

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Done, though I hadn’t heard of this before.
Edit - Guys, at the time of this writing there are only 17 votes cast total. We really can win this if you vote!

Voted!. Hope more and more people use nubits.

in my experience people tend to cheat at the end of the voting period, mid december. They are good at spotting cheating so please, just one vote per person, convince some friends, and I guarantee we will make it!

Done. I try to find others to get some more votes :wink:

Had to exchange NBT for Bitcoins for this. No seriously, not owning any Bitcoins

Just looked and saw coins as Fluttercoin on nr.1 Do they really have such a large community?

Anyway, let’s keep on voting and now I have some Bitcoins, let me know if you need me to transfer a few for you so you can vote. Just PM me when you don’t want to bother Desrever :wink:

that was several months ago, and FLT community were experiencing a huge price pump at the time. I remember voting =)

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You have to pay for your voice to be heard? Kinda feels like a presidential election.


let’s un-pin it for a while and the take it back up when some days before deadline

4 days left.

This is our very chance to start bringing merchant adoption before christmas.

If you didn’t vote yet, please take 5 minutes to do it and convince others to do so, competition is hard to beat.

Do not vote twice, do not break the rules, they are good at detecting it.

Is there any way to tell what the vote’s tally looks like to date, without needing to cast a second vote?

voted! merchant adoption is very important.

didn’t find it!

well done

I voted!